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Types of People Who Own a Credit Card

A credit card is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used financial tools in today’s life. The major reasons for its popularity are the ease of usage and the financial freedom it provides to its users at any time.

There are also some great credit cards for building credit which people use to get a credit score that will let them get better rates on mortgages and loans. The majority of people nowadays have at least one credit card that suits their lifestyle the best.

10 Types of People Who Own a Credit Card

1. Based on the Card Usage

You can belong to one or more categories of credit card users based on how you use your credit card. Here are the main types of credit card owners:

2. The Traveller

If you’re a traveller, a credit card can be your best companion through all your journeys. Several credit cards earn you Air Miles with every transaction. These miles can help you get discounts on airfare. Whether you’re traveling regularly for business meetings or you’re exploring new countries and their cultures, a travel credit card deserves to get a special place in your wallet. You can travel with comfort with complimentary airport lounge access and discounted deals on overseas hotel bookings with your card. A travel card also makes sure that you fly safely with complimentary travel insurance and inconvenience coverage.

2. The Foodie

If you love food, a dining card can serve as your best companion. A dining card provides you with dining deals and multiple discounts at your favorite restaurants and cuisines. There is a range of cards that earn you cashback on your dining bill at participating restaurants and resorts. Also, several cards can get your reward points every time you eat out and pay the bill using your credit card.

3. The Shopaholic

Another type of credit card owner is a shopaholic. If you are passionate about shopping and obsessed with the word “sale,” you belong to this category. Several cards give you shopping privileges, discounts, and cash rebates with both in-store and online shopping. These cards can help you go out on a shopping spree without having to worry about the bill. A cashback card can help you save on shopping by earning you cash rebates on monthly shopping bills.

4. The Petrol Head

If you own a vehicle and use it on an everyday basis, you might be a petrolhead. There is a wide array of cards that give you cash rebates on petrol purchases at participating petrol stations. If you own a petrol card, you can enhance your savings associated with petrol purchases. Most of the petrol cards earn you cashback on the total amount charged on your card for petrol purchases in a month.

5. The Churner

Credit card churning is using up the signup bonus of a credit card and then discontinuing the card. Some individuals take up a credit card just to enjoy the joining perks of the card and then cancel the card and move to a new card. This is known as credit card churning. Although it may seem like a good deal for the short term, continuing this practice can affect your credit score in the long run.

6. Based on the Repayment Behavior

Another classification of credit card owners is based on the pattern of repayment made on the card’s bill. Here are the types of cardholders based on repayment pattern:

7. The Max-payer

You belong to this category if you pay the entire monthly bill on time every month without fail. A max-payer doesn’t prefer to be in debt, thus he/she clears the entire monthly bill before the instalment due date. Doing the same is considered as a good practice as it can help you maintain a good credit score.

8. The Revolver

If you make just the minimum monthly payment on your card’s bill, you belong to this category. A revolver is a cardholder who pays just the minimum instalment amount on the total bill every month. If you pay just the monthly bill or a little more than the minimum payment, your debt is highly unlikely to reduce over time as the interest charges push the debt back to the limit where it was before making the payment.

9. The Non-payer

A non-payer is an individual who misses out on making repayments on time regularly. A cardholder who doesn’t pay his/her monthly credit card instalments can damage his/her credit score badly. Missing out payment deadlines and exceeding the designated credit limit can affect your credit score directly.

10. The Non-user

If you have a credit card but do not use it at all, you belong to the non-user category. Owning a card and not using it can stop you from building a credit score. It is recommended that you make the best use of your card’s benefits without overusing it.

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Different cardholders use their cards differently. But as long as your credit score stays on a higher note and your debts are low, your way of using your credit card is the right way. It is recommended that you do not miss any payment deadlines and use the full potential of your card without burdening yourself with a huge pile of credit card debt.

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