27 Best Personal Finance Blogs In India 2021

Best Personal Finance Blogs In India You Must Follow

In today’s day and age, there is a wide range of financial blogs in India. However, with a variety of finance blogs available online, it often seems to be a difficult task to choose the best personal finance blogs in India as per your own choice.

With many people looking to find blogs of this nature, let’s hope that the writers of these sites use solutions like a rank checker online to help you understand what is going on with the website’s rankings, especially when it comes to keeping track of the SEO side of it all.

Further, in this article, we have compiled a list of the best personal finance blogs in India that are doing great in blogging. I’ve heard that some of them consider social media as a direction for getting more eyes on their blog content. Some have been getting free followers on Instagram to help them grow.

best personal finance blogs in india

If you want to become a successful blogger (especially the beginners) and want to learn & make money on your blog through blogging, then you all need to follow those bloggers who are listed on our blogs list.

Looking for Best Personal Finance Blogs in India?

Are you really looking for the best personal finance blogs in India? today I am going to share the top 12 personal finance blogs for those who have just started blogging. we have recently generated the list of best finance blogs in India, which have good traffic Alexa & page views also.

There are some great financial blogs in India over the web. Some of them are curated by individuals specializing in finance, tax, or economics while some of them involve collaboration between several contributors.

Some of the blogs are run by well-known news sites others by individuals ranging from practitioners to professors. Finance blogs in India provide a great source of analysis, commentary, and often offer useful data, videos, news, and charts.

The thing is to find the best quality financial information is at times difficult enough, as the subject is typically dry but these bloggers which we have featured here are great at their job of educating viewers while keeping it entertaining and enjoyable at the same time. Here in this blog, we have selected the 12 best financial blogs based on their quirkiness, zest, flair, and fun.

Each of the finance blogs which are listed below is provided with a brief statement about the finance blog. So, whether you are new to the personal finance domain or a professional looking to make some extra cash, or save some for yourself – one of these blogs will be helpful for you. This selection of personal finance blogs is handpicked for our readers from a wide range of personal finance blogs.

I think we all must follow these financial blogs in India to find good and relevant information about personal finance, insurance, financial planning, investments, income tax, mutual fund, the stock market, loans & credit cards & retirement plans also review various financial products. These blogs have millions of visitors a month with good Alexa, page views & relevant audiences.

Top 27 Personal Finance Blogs In India In 2021

When I thought to start writing for Financegab, I have seen a few of the best finance blogs managed by awesome guys like,

Jago Investor by Manish Chauhan, Relakhs by ShreeKanth, MoneyExcel by Raviraj, Apna plan by Amit Kumar, MyInvestmentIdes by Suresh KP

Here is a list of 20+ best personal finance blogs in India.

  1. Finance Gab
  2. Jago Investor
  3. Paisa Bank
  4. Subra Money
  5. Finvin Financial Planner
  6. Freefincal
  7. The Financial Literate (TFLGuide)
  8. Basu Nivesh
  9. ReLakhs
  10. Chartered Club
  11. Safal Niveshak
  12. Onemint
  13. Asan Ideas for Wealth (AIFW)
  14. Paisa Bazaar

1. Finance Gab

Financegab is an initiative started with the objective of educating individuals in managing their financial life. Financegab aims to empower individuals in managing their own money and making the world of finance accessible to them so that they can make the right decisions for their financial future.

If are you looking to know about personal finance like insurance, tax planning, investments, mutual fund, banking, loans, and credit cards then you are in right place. We write about all topics we mentioned in our blog and also about other financial products.

2. Jago Investor

Way back in the year 2011-12, Jagoinvestor was the first financial blog in which I started reading. The author of Jagoinvestor Mr. Manish Chauhan was a well-established writer in the financial market at that point in time and use to write very comprehensive articles. The articles posted on the website were very simple and easy to understand and we’re the top-rated articles on google.

However, with the change of time, the focus has shifted more towards selling products rather than providing quality articles. Before, jagoinvesters use to post many articles, but now the content update has slowed down. Moreover, in today’s day and age, there are many personal finance bloggers available in the market who provides information about the best personal finance website in India.

Jagoinvestor blog is still a very good read if you go through their archives. Jagoinvestor has recently changed its website design and logo. Start reading from the beginning or you can find the content according to your requirements.

Author: Jago Investor is a personal finance blog, founded by Manish Chauhan in the year 2008. You can find very interesting things about investment, mutual funds, tax saving, and financial planning. This blog is listed in the top personal finance blogs in India.

3. Paisa Bank

Paisa Bank is a personal finance blog in India, founded by Geet Sharma in the year 2019. The main aim to find this blog is to aware of the people about personal finance, insurance, investment, mutual fund, banking, loans & credit cards, etc.

4. Subra Money

If you are new to personal finance, this is the best personal finance blog in India for beginners. Subramoney does not tell you how to invest or where to invest.

It tells you about your behavior towards finance. Most of the articles in the Subramoney blog are sarcasm about your behavior towards finance. On top of it, it does not tell you how to rectify it.

But it gives you a hint towards changing your attitude towards personal finance, it is your wish? take it or leave it.

5. Finvin Financial Planner

The problem with his finance blog is that the content is very less but whatever has been written, even a layman can understand. The concepts are clear and to the point.

The other problem is about the website layout, the website looks very unprofessional. You may not be confident enough to read the articles. But guys, go through the content and you will love it.

Author: Melvin Joseph? You must be hearing from him in a lot of newspapers nowadays. This guy is a personal finance wizard.

6. Freefincal

Pattu is a well-established financial blogger in the personal finance space. He started writing a personal finance blog with a calculator and now he writes blogs on various different aspects of personal finance. You can check his articles every alternate day.

Freefincal is considered one of the best personal finance blogs in India which provides an end-to-end solution.

Whether you want to invest in a gilt fund, mutual fund, or any other investment instruments, he first prepares you to invest before zeroing in on a particular option.

The only problem I face with Freefincal is that occasionally he gets too technical with charts and graphs.

As there is numerous article posted on the website, you can choose the one as per your own requirement.

7. The Financial Literate (TFLGuide)

Back in the year 2011-2012, Hemant Beniwal and Manish Chauhan were the ones who started educating people about personal finance, as these guys use to be a competitor of each other. So, Hemant Beniwal is also a very well-known financial writer in the field of personal finance.

The Financial Literate (TFLGuide) is also known as one of the best personal finance blogs in India. However, these days Hemant does not post blogs more actively.

TFLGuide failed to succeed as compared to other personal finance blogs in India because the blog does not write on Google keywords.

8. Basu Nivesh

Basunivesh has shown tremendous growth in the past 6 years. Basavaraj Tonagatti is the main writer of the Basunivesh. The best thing about BasuNivesh is that you can find blogs related to all types of topics of personal finance.

As one of the best personal finance blogs in India, BasuNivesh writes blogs on basic problems people face in day to day financial world such as finding LIC policy status or downloading the premium receipt of your LIC policy.

So if you want to check the reviews about the LIC product or if you want to know about mutual fund investment then Basunivesh is the right site for you.

Author: Basunivesh is a Personal finance blog, founded in 2011 and managed by Basavaraj Tonagatti. that is the best place to find information about investment, insurance, tax planning, and more.

9. ReLakhs

Relakhs is run by Sreekanth Reddy. It is known as one of the best personal finance blogs in India. You will find it very interesting that Relakhs and Basunivesh post almost the same type of content.

You can find similar article topics in Basunivesh as articles posted by Sreekant Reddy and vice versa.

ReLakhs talks about mutual funds, insurance, property, and banking. You name anything in personal finance; these guys cover most of the content.

10. Chartered Club

Chartered Club is the best personal finance blog website where you can know about taxation in a simplified language.

The blog does not use any type of taxation jargon. You will find what you are searching for.

Author: The writer of Chartered Clun Mr. Karan Batra writes very simple and easy-to-understand taxation articles. Karan Batra is a CA by profession and provides information on everything related to tax.

11. Safal Niveshak

So you are on the lookout for the best personal finance blogs, you must have invested in stocks, shares at some point in time. You may have done intraday trading or have played derivatives. But this is not what Safal Niveshak will tell you.

Vishal Khandelwal talks about long-term investing in stocks. If you are thinking of immediate gains in the stock markets by reading this blog, you would be disappointed.

Safal Niveshak talks about investing, investing in a proper way, and not gambling.

12. Onemint

Onemint is a Financial blog related to personal finance, financial planning, technology, and economics. This blog helps others to make better decisions about the money.

Back in the year 2011-12, this use to be my favorite personal finance blog. The articles posted on Onemint used to provide in-depth knowledge about the various aspects of personal finance.

However, Mr.Shiv Kukreja handles the blog. I have not checked the content of this blog in the last few months but you check it.

13. Asan Ideas for Wealth (AIFW)

Asan Ideas for Wealth is not a blog, it’s an experience of 40,000 members.

AIFW is a Facebook group that has approximately 40,000 members. In case, you have any queries, you can post it in this group and people will give you the solutions according to their own experience. You can choose the solution according to your need.

The administrator of this group is Ashal Juhari. In case, you want some serious advice related to your personal finance then you can get in touch with him through personal chat. He will guide you with his knowledge and experience.

Another contributor to this group is Pattu (Freefincal) who also actively answers queries related to personal finance.

In case if you want to promote your product then it is advised that you should not join this group as the promotion of one’s own product is not allowed.

So, these are the few best personal finance websites in India that you can consider going through in case you want to gain knowledge on personal finance or if you looking for the right or best investment options in order to fulfill the financial objectives of your life.

14. Paisa Bazaar

Paisa Blog by Paisabazaardotcom is an exclusive community of financial bloggers. It is a blogging space where the best financial services professionals, the biggest financial bloggers, and people from all walks of life come together to pen their thoughts, opinions, and experiences on personal finance.

Paisa Blog has everything one needs to know about personal finance, investments, credit, and money management. It is India’s leading financial blog aiming to help people meet their financial goals.

India’s largest blogging community where everything on finance is articulated/discussed/shared not only by the common man but by financial experts themselves. Paisa Bloggers share interesting financial blogs on investments, banking, tax, financial planning, financial products like insurance, fixed deposits, loans, credit cards, and mutual funds as well as financial technology.

12 More Best Personal Finance Blogs India

If you are planning to start blogging through your own blog, check out these top personal finance blogs in India that will help anyone who is looking to start and managing your blogs, here are the 12 more best personal finance blogs for beginners in India.

15. Money Control

Moneycontrol is India’s leading financial information source. Manage your finance with our online Investment Portfolio, Live Stock Price, Stock Trading news, Live CNBC TV18, Share Market, Views, and Analysis on Equity and Stock Markets Tips, Sensex, nifty, Commodity Market, personal finance, mutual funds, insurance, bank, and loans.

16. My investment ideas

This blog talks about the best investment plans, Best Investment Options, Where to invest money in India, Top mutual funds 2017, Insurance Plans.

17. Apna Plan

ApnaPlan blog is managed & Founded by Amit Kumar. If you looking to know about financial products like investment, insurance, FD, loans, credit cards & mutual funds that is the right place.

18. Wikifinance Pedia

Wikifinancepedia is one of the best investment and personal finance blogs in India with a global rank of around 6 Lakh. Wikifinancepedia assisting readers in the segments of Financial Planning, Finance, Investment, Retirement, Savings, Business, Insurance, Banking, Trading byways of free online e-learning tutorial courses, glossary, quizzes, e-books, articles, Q-A forum, and much more.

19. Cash Overflow

Best of Articles to Save Money Best Credit Cards in India 2018 5 Best Forex Cards in India Hacks to Save Money On Shopping India In case you are looking for a loan 10 Best Banks for Personal Loan in India Shop For Less Top and Best Online Shopping Sites In India Some Product Reviews Best & hellip.

20. TaxGuru

Tax Guru is the most popular tax and money-saving blog in India. Tax Guru suggests and shares information about income tax, sales tax, service tax, excise & all types of money-saving ideas.

21. Get Money Rich

Get Money rich is a financial blog that’s shares information and ideas about personal finance, investment, the stock market, and mutual funds, etc.

22. Money Excel

Money Excel is founded and managed by Raviraj. Money Excel is a financial blog that helps to achieve excellence for money, tax saving, investment, and financial planning, etc.

23. Investment Pedia

Investment Pedia is an open online financial news and information Blog. This is an Indian-based investment website that has 5k+ monthly visits and more than 15 writers and contributors from all across the world. Users of Investment Pedia are always welcome to any kind of suggestion and information for the website’s growth.

24. Money Investor

Money Investor provides free information on Insurance, Mortgage, Credit, Stock Market, Mutual Fund, Tax, Pension, Loan, Business Ideas. We provide investing tips to improve your Personal Finance. Here you will get various free tools, calculators, and Mutual Fund Tools. Our aim is to provide all the essential information, tips, ideas, calculators, and tools in one place.

25. Jain Tushar

Tushar Jain is a personal finance enthusiast who loves to talk about money, savings, investments, and healthy financial habits. He blogs about financial wisdom and income growth habits on his blog. He has written extensively on direct mutual funds and gives regular tips around mutual fund investment best practices. Tushar is super responsive on his blog and also runs an “Ask Me” section where a user can post questions related to personal finance and get a quick reply from him.

In addition, he also reviews multiple financial products and services, including best direct mutual fund platforms, best term insurance plans, best vehicle insurance plans, best credit cards, book reviews, side income generation, etc. His blogs are financial jargon-free, beginner-friendly, detailed yet very easy to read and relate to. Moreover, the focus of his writing is on explaining the concepts and frameworks so that his readers can become independent.

26. Get Bachat

The Bachat blog is a one-stop-shop for Indian millennials to learn all things personal finance. The blog helps you learn the nuances of money and personal finance using easy-to-understand articles peppered with real-life examples. As a bonus, you learn how to save up to 20% of your salary every month using the Bachat mobile app.

27. Fahim Ahmadi

Fahimahmadi.com is a finance blog run by entrepreneur Fahim Ahmadi. The blog focuses on online money-making trends. It discusses digital marketing techniques, studies business models of successful websites, and reviews SaaS reviews. The blog has been featured on websites like the NASDAQ stock exchange & Bitcoin Magazine. And as such, it is one of the finest destinations to go to learn about online money-making trends.

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