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Top 4 Inclusions Must Have in Your Travel Insurance

While planning a holiday or a business trip, a large number of travelers overlook the chance of a medical emergency. Hence, they end up paying a substantial amount of their hard-earned savings when an emergency strikes up.

Travel health insurance ensures protection for tourists against various perils that may otherwise ruin a pleasant trip. The idea of buying a family or individual travel insurance plan is to ensure a pleasant, smooth trip, be it a business trip or a family holiday.

Travel Insurance is a product, which covers all your risks while you are traveling within India or abroad. You live many key moments and collect unforgettable memories when spending time with family or friends on a vacation.

Travel is always rewarding and can move you beyond words. It can give you experiences that are beyond description and help you with a fresh start. Exploring new places, communicating with interesting people, and learning diverse cultures to grow and evolve.

During such an exploration, you will be confronted by risks and eventualities that may hinder your travel plans, such as an unforeseen accident, loss of baggage, or unexpected flight delays. During such a scenario, travel insurance can provide the required assistance.

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What does Travel Insurance Cover?

Under travel insurance plans you are covered against risks such as flight delays or cancellation, loss or delay of baggage, loss of travel documents, medical expenses incurred due to accidents or treatment of sickness, and moral repatriation. As per the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy, you get covered for the duration of the travel.

Parameters to Consider Before Buying Travel Insurance

1. Travel Destination

As medical coverage is a large aspect, countries like the USA, Australia, and the UK are marked by the high cost of healthcare. They require a high sum insured as compared to countries like Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Thailand. You will incur a higher premium if you are planning to visit a place, which is prone to natural disasters or other socio-political volatilizes. Explore plans such as travel insurance in Asia, Australia, the UK, Canada according to your destination.

2. Duration of Your Trip

The duration of your trip is also a key parameter that decides the premium. The longer your stay, the higher your premium. If you are a frequent flyer, you should consider annual multi-trip plans that will cost significantly lesser as compared to buying single trip insurance for each trip and providing coverage throughout the year.

3. Activities and Engagements During the Trip

If you are planning to do some adventure sports such as skiing, sky diving, and scuba diving that considerably increases your chances of needing healthcare, you may need to buy special add-ons for these activities since they are not covered typically.

4. Comparison Between Plans

You can compare the plans as per your needs and vacation itinerary. Always make sure to be fully aware of the coverage offered to you. Also, do some research based on travel insurance reviews before finalizing your insurance plan.

By comparing travel insurance policies, you can get the best travel insurance plan that is not only pocket-friendly but at the same time also provides adequate coverage for loss of baggage, trip delays, or even personal accidents.

It is good to have knowledge about the advantages, terms, and conditions of a travel insurance policy. You can compare the shortlist and pin down the best travel insurance plan that is suitable for you. Once you are done with the comparison, you can then buy travel insurance online.


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