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5 Best Credit Cards in India for 2024

Even though there are various notions already spread about the Credit card in India, especially among the working people and middle-class families who now and then require a Credit card for various purposes, there are also many aspects of it that are beneficial for them.

But since the fear of extra charges (up to 35% per annum) hovers in the minds of people, Credit cards in India are the most controversial thing among people. But for those who understand the brighter side also yet search for ‘Which is the best credit card in India 2022’ and hence this is the article going to give the idea of the 5 Best credit cards in India for 2022 which can be beneficiary for people opting for the Credit card.

Not only that the credit card you are mentioned here also falls under the Top ten credit cards in India 2022 which sometimes you may interact with in the future for further searching for your satisfaction.

Major Brighter Side of Credit Cards

  1. Helps to maintain your CIBIL Score for your future Home Loan application.
  2. Free Interest-free Loan lending for the first 45 days.
  3. Useful in case of lack of money in savings the account.
  4. Easy for EMI avail.
  5. Maximum prevents you from online fraud where if you give your bank details then your total money can be hacked but with a credit card, only a certain amount. Etc.
  6. Reward points and cashback on any scenario.

Major Dark Side of Credit Cards

  1. In case of late payment, a heavy penalty is levied which can go to 45% per annum.
  2. Charges for ATM cash withdrawal from the credit card which is worst for newbies and unknown.

5 Best Credit Cards in India for 2024

Now when in search of a credit card you might be curious the Compare credit cards in India so that you can simply distinguish and choose the best one for you. Hence here is the list of the Top 5 credit cards in India in 2022:

  1. Citi Cashback Card
  2. IndusInd Bank Platinum Card
  3. HSBC Visa Platinum Card
  4. HDFC Bank Dinner Club Black Card
  5. Axis Bank Neo Credit Card

1. Citi Cashback Card

You might be wondering why the Citi Cashback Card has been listed at the top of the list. Then the answer is that with merely an annual charge of Rs. 500/- you are going to avail a lot of cash back benefits and not only that these cashback benefits are on your major transactions. Additionally, since it is the most used card, you can easily find user reviews about it giving a maximum of 4.5-star rating on average and hence comes in the list of the best credit cards in India 2022.

Salient Features of Citi Cashback Card:

  • Gives you 5% cash back on movie ticket purchases, telephonic bill payments, and other utility bill payments.
  • 5% cashback on all your purchases done by credit card.
  • 0% joining charges
  • 500 annual charges every year.
  • You will get a response within the time duration of 30 minutes.

What You Will Love

  • 15% cashback on your dining across the 2000 partner restaurants of Citibank
  • Earned cash back is automatically credited on the accumulation of Rs. 500/-
  • Savings and offers on shopping at more than 100 stores.
  • EMI privileges on shopping, consumer electronics, Mobile phone outlets retail chains, and also the e-retailers.

2. IndusInd Bank Platinum Card

In the list of Top 5 credit cards in India 2022, the next name comes of IndusInd Bank Platinum Card which is given a 4-star rating by its 421 users in India and comes with the 1st year annual fee charge of zero rupees hence this can also be kept under the list of Best credit card in India where you can get a login with IndusInd Bank Credit Card Login with no annual fee.

Salient Features of IndusInd Bank Platinum Card:

  • 5 reward points are gained on every 150/- rupees spent.
  • Buy 1 and get 1 movie ticket across the multiple Entertainment sectors.
  • The additional feature of getting comprehensive Insurance benefits.
  • There is a fuel surcharge waiver at all the fuel stations throughout India.
  • Only one-time membership fees.

3. HSBC Visa Platinum Card

Another name in the list of Top credit cards in India 2022 is the name of HSBC Visa Platinum Card and this card has its benefits. The card is given a star rating of 4.5 out of 5 by its around 1812 users throughout India. You can also use it as the Best credit card for shopping and the Best travel credit card in India in 2022. Here are some of the salient features of the credit card mentioned below:

Salient Features:

  • One hour every 150 Rs. For purchases with dining and telecom usage, you are going to get 6 points for the first
  • You also gain 10 points on your 150 Rs. Spent over 4 lakhs to 10 lakhs.
  • You also gain 2 points on 150/- spent on any other things.
  • Up to 10% cashback (2500 cash back on your 10,000 spent within 90 days which should be completed with a minimum of 9 transactions)
  • On the first transaction, you get Rs. 2000 clear trip vouchers.

4. HDFC Bank Dinner Club Black Card

Now the 4th name comes for the Best credit card in India 2022 for a salaried person including the name HDFC Bank Dinner Club Black Card and the name HDFC is well versed on the lips of Indians right especially for housing and other home appliance loans. Additionally, this comes in the list of Best premium credit cards in India 2022. So, you also be aware of the HDFC Bank Dinner Club Black Card which is given a 4.5-star rating by its 31 users.

Salient Features of HDFC Bank Dinner Club Black Card:

  • Comes with an Air accident cover worth Rs.2 crore.
  • Additional Miles are exchanged with the leading airlines and hotels in the country.
  • An annual fee waiver is available for achieving milestone spending.
  • Being a premium travel credit card, it comes with lifestyle benefits.
  • Unlimited free access for the user to more than 700 lounges across the globe.
  • Complimentary golf games across golf courses in India and abroad.

Dark Side:

As the name asserts, this is a premium credit card where one side it includes huge benefits, there on the other side it also comes with an annual fee of 5000/-. You even get this charge waived off but again only on the spent of 1 lack for the first year and 5 lacks from the next year onwards.

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5. Axis Bank Neo Credit Card

When you shop and eat with Axis Bank Neo Credit Card When you apply for this card, will have to pay the initial joining fee of Rs. 250/-. If you spend 2500, then the fee for the first year which is your joining fee is waived. From the second year, the annual fee will be Rs. 250/- and the Interest charged for any overdue amount is 46.78% p.a.

Salient Features of Axis Bank Neo Credit Card:

  1. The annual charge of 250/- for the first year of use and the same from the next year onwards.
  2. 10% off on Myntra purchases of 500 & above.
  3. You can Earn 2 points for every 200/- spent through your credit card
  4. Maximum monthly benefits of up to 100 and Flat 10% off every time you book bus tickets through Red Bus,
  5. 10% cashback on mobile recharge through Freecharge mobile app, monthly benefits up to 30/-
  6. Maximum monthly benefits of up to 50 and 10% off every time you book a movie ticket through BookMyShow,

Final Word

Now that you have seen the details about the 5 Best credit cards in India for 2022 you are clear with the idea of which one you should choose and what things you can take care of at the time of your Credit card selection to avoid the maximum harm in the future. This list of the 5 Best credit cards in India for 2022 has been given to you based on many aspects and hence you should use your brain to choose the best one for you rather than going with the suggestions of others.

Hopefully, you have got the answer to your questions regarding the 5 Best credit cards in India for 2022 above and also see why should you choose the credit card and why not.

So, if the information has given you a clear answer to the query you have in your head, drop your experience and the feedback in our remark section below this article. If any queries, feel free to connect with us.

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