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Top 10 Benefits of Having a Credit Card

The vast majority of credit cards have some kind of bonus system that will give you cash back when making your purchases. Rewards in other words. Normally, it is that you collect points every time you shop or get cashback, with many credit cards.

Benefits of Credit Cards

Here are the top 10 benefits of using a credit card, and why should have credit cards:

1. Bonus System

You can get a certain percentage of your purchases back in other forms than money, such as cheaper upgrades to hotels or flights, at least when using credit cards from airlines or similar. The bottom line is that with credit cards, You shop something – as you would still have bought – and get something extra in return, making the product cheaper. Why do credit card companies offer such bonuses simply because you choose to get credit cards from companies that offer them?

2. Travel Insurance

The next advantage is that many people have travel insurance and cancellation insurance when using a credit card to purchase trips. The additional travel protection may mean that you have a cancellation guarantee where you can get the money back if you wish to cancel your trip. Travel insurance can also serve as an extra security if the airline is likely to go bankrupt – if the trip is paid by credit card, the additional travel protection gives you a greater appeal and the opportunity to claim back the money. Bonus on all purchases and extra travel protection … Ah, how nice doesn’t that sound?

3. Expenses at Work

Do you have a lot of expenses at work? Most companies have some form of credit card payment solution for those employees who make purchases in the service. It is a prerequisite so you don’t have to pay the money from your pocket in advance, and oftentimes, companies cooperate with a particular credit card company or bank where you as an employee receive a credit card in the form of a company card. Examine what applies to your particular workplace and review the possibility of getting a credit card from the company for expenses in the service.

4. Overview of all your Expenses

When you purchase a credit card, you will receive an invoice with a due date. Many credit card companies also offer the option to pay by auto payment so that the amount is automatically deducted from your account on a certain date. It is also common that you can control when the amount is deducted and have the ability to move and change this date. Just like on a regular bill.

5. Collect your Biggest Purchases

Your refrigerator broke and you have to pay for your car service … Some months have more expenses than others. That’s what it’s like for everyone. The feeling of having too much of the month left with too little money is not uncommon, so would it be nice if your expenses could be distributed to next month? “Yes, that would be wonderful,” you say, which implies a completely natural transition to this fifth advantage of credit cards. If you have one, you can allocate expenses to the next month or collect your larger purchases.

6. Security on the Trip

Did the Waiter go away with your card? Didn’t the cashier keep the card a little long under the counter? Was that sound a mobile camera? With a credit card, y’all those worries will be removed during your stay. Should you go abroad or trade with another currency, the security of the credit comes with a huge advantage. How fun is it to constantly worry about card fraud when you just want to relax? If your card is skimmed, and code is stolen or any other unpleasant thing occurs, it will not only ruin your vacation experience – the risk is great that you will lose all your money. If you use a credit card when traveling, you do not have to worry about it!

7. Security

You may take a bite of something hard and then your tooth breaks. The sound that arises is not only the sound of a broken tooth but the sound of an expensive expense. When something unforeseen happens where you have to get Dentist La Habra dental treatment, for example, a credit card is a good solution and maybe even a rescuer in need. The credit card becomes a security in the wallet for unforeseen expenses. Because unforeseen expenses can pop up anytime. In addition to other benefits such as safety and flexibility, the card can also act as a lifeline.

8. Avoid Cash Withdrawals

Don’t want to go around with a lot of cash in a waist bag and send suspicious looks to everyone in a two-meter radius? On the trip, the credit card is a fast and easy way to borrow money from yourself. In addition, most banks charge a fee when you withdraw money from the ATM and, as you know, it costs money to exchange currencies. Instead, if you have a credit card as a payment solution, you will avoid unnecessary cash withdrawals, carry cash, and avoid the risk of being subjected to fraud in connection with the ATM.

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9. Major Appeal

Many credit cards mean you get travel insurance and cancellation insurance. This means that you get a bigger complaint right than with a regular credit card. Cancellation protection is extraordinary because it is something that is not included in home insurance, which otherwise covers a lot. Some credit cards have beneficial travel insurance that includes everything from sickness compensation, to travel start protection, in case you miss missed flights or get delayed luggage. Worth mentioning is that some credit cards do not provide any compensation for illness or medical care. If you’re looking to take advantage of all the benefits that having a credit card brings, you may want to apply for one yourself. If you don’t have a social security number then you can find information here on how to apply for a credit card without SSN.


When you purchase using a credit card, you will receive an invoice, which you can choose to pay whenever it suits you. The fact that you get a monthly summary of your expenses will give you a unique overview of your finances, which is a big advantage of credit cards and something you can not get if you pay for example in cash.

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