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Key Testing Areas Included in the Amazon Assessment Test

Amazon is one of the big companies that has adopted the use of high-level technology in their business endeavors. They are one of the best-paying companies around the world and this attractive package attracts a large number of jobseekers to try their luck in Amazon.

Although Amazon gets many job openings due to its rapid growth, its recruitment process is intensive and involves taking the Amazon test. To pass the test, you need thorough preparation by studying resources, taking sample tests, and revising your high school or college notes.

What to Expect in an Amazon Assessment Test?

Amazon assessment test Is given to employees after they pass the first and second rounds of their hiring process. All job seekers at Amazon do not take the same type of test but it all depends on the job type and position.

For example, software developers take coding tests, managers in the operations department take the area manager test, but every candidate must take the Amazon workstyle test for testing aptitude skills. Amazon tests are done online and they determine if a candidate will move on to the next recruitment level.

What are Amazon’s Hiring Phases?

Amazon is very keen with its hiring process and at each phase, there is thorough screening done and more applicants drop out until a final lot of applicants get hired. Starting with the application phase, applicants go through seven screening processes but very few make it to the final phase.

Screening starts with candidate’s resumes immediately after online application. To clear this selection stage, the resume must be detailed and precise. Resumes that miss important details like contact numbers and email addresses get rejected. 

Phase two involves a telephone interview and the employer seeks to know finer details about the applicant before moving on to the test phase. The online test is crucial and tests the candidate’s personality. 

Phase four involves a video interview and those who pass this phase moves on to step 5 that involves a written test. What follows next are the onsite interviews and the climax is reviewed by the recruitment committee before the qualifying candidate gets the job offer.

Amazon’s Key Testing Areas – the two test categories

As indicated above, online assessments are very important in the hiring process and most job applicants do not go beyond the testing stage. It is therefore essential that a job applicant understands the nature of the tests and the key testing areas.

The Amazon test has two main sections and each has sub-sections. It has the online aptitude test and the position-based test.

1. The Amazon aptitude online test

Upon passing the first two phases, candidates receive an email inviting them for the online aptitude test. The main sections in this test may include the verbal, numerical, and logical reasoning tests. The numerical skills section tests the candidate’s ability to make decisions based on numerical and statistical data.

The verbal skills section tests the candidate’s ability to correctly understand and reply to text information. The test contains several passages followed by questions from each passage. It’s all about stating if a statement is false, true, or otherwise concerning the passage.

The logical reasoning section tests the candidate’s logical reasoning ability and the questions use diagrams that follow specific complex patterns and order. It also tests an individual’s spatial and abstract skills.

2. The work-style test

The Amazon work-style test evaluates the candidate’s style of work, their work value, preferences, success motivation, and generally their work style. Most of its questions measure the extent to which the candidate agrees or disagrees with the given statements. 

This test has 38 questions that can be completed in 20 minutes, although the test is not timed parse. The employer will be looking for consistency in the candidate’s answers.

Other Tests to Expect

A candidate must qualify in the first two test categories but this will also mean more tests on the way. There is the written test which helps screen the applicant’s written communication. The typing test measures typing accuracy and speed.

The case study test measures the applicant’s reasoning abilities. Its main areas of test are problem-solving capacity, brainstorming ability, and outside box thinking ability. There is also the role-play test which measures the applicant’s behavior and style in handling different work scenarios. Candidates may expect to do situational judgment assessment, which helps to bring classroom knowledge into work scenarios.

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