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Live Foreign Currency Exchange Rates Today

For beginners, foreign currency exchange rates can be a daunting term as it is difficult to understand. However, if you want to trade in currency or foreign assets, it is important to know the fundamentals of the financial market and how currency trading takes place. In this article, we will explain to you foreign currency exchange rates and how these foreign exchange rates can affect the market of currency exchange rates today.

What is Foreign Exchange (Forex)?

Foreign exchange means trading the currency of one country against the currency of another country. For instance, you can exchange US dollars for INR or euro. Foreign exchange mostly occurs at the foreign exchange market which is also known as the forex market.

The Forex market is the most liquid and largest market across the globe. In this market, daily trillions of worth of currencies are exchanged. The foreign currency market is not located anywhere physically. You can call it an electronic network of worldwide brokers, financial institutions, individual investors, and banks.

What is a Foreign Exchange Rate?

A foreign exchange rate simply means the price of a currency valued against another currency.  Foreign exchange rates offer a comparison of prices of currencies to compare their value. Since there are currencies that are standardized, they are circulated around the world. The value of a currency changes due to the supply, demand, and trust of consumers. These price rates keep fluctuating and can go up and down. The relative price of these currencies changes with respect to each other. For example, the value of $1 was around 0.68 in 2011. It increased by around 0.75 USD later. It means that the foreign currency exchange rates of USD have increased by around 25% in these three years.  It also means that the foreign currency exchange rates today will be different from the foreign currency exchange rates in the future and in the past.

Foreign Exchange Rates: Example

Foreign exchange rates play a crucial role in trade across the globe. It means that foreign exchange rates are directly used in multi-national trades or trade between different countries. Take an example of a USA-based company that has handed its project to a Japanese company. The official currency of Japan is known as the yen. Since the USA has a different currency, it can not record its trading history in the yen. That’s where foreign currency exchange rates come in handy.  Now, the USA-based company will have to convert dollars into yen according to foreign currency exchange rates.

You can also see that there is an inherent risk in this trade transaction. There is a possibility of a price fall in the value of USD against the yen. Now the company based in the USA is required to pay more money than before.

Mind you, you must remember that the currency exchange rate today will not be the same as the foreign exchange rates tomorrow. In fact, the currency exchange rate today must have fluctuated continuously according to the price rise and fall.

Foreign Exchange Rate Today

As mentioned earlier, there are no definite foreign exchange rates for today or tomorrow. You can take a general idea from the table:

Currency  Foreign exchange rates today Change 
US Dollar 0.013397 +0.047%
Emirati Dirham 0.049201 +0.047%
Euro 0.011838 +0.036%
Saudi Arabian Riyal 0.050239 +0.047%

Live Currency Exchange Rate Today

Here we have mentioned some live currency exchange rates today to give you an idea.

Currency Rate
EUR / USD 1.13170
GBP / EUR 1.18885
USD / JPY 114.938
GBP / USD 1.34542
USD / CHF 0.917101
USD / CAD 1.28106
EUR / JPY 130.075
AUD / USD 0.723234

Central Bank Currency Exchange Rate Today 

Currency Interest Rate
JPY -0.10%
CHF -0.75%
EUR 0.00%
USD 0.25%
CAD 0.25%
AUD 0.10%
NZD 0.50%
GBP 0.10%

Foreign Exchange Rates – FAQs

Q1. What are some key features of foreign exchange Rates?

Ans. Some of the key features of foreign exchange rates are-

  • Foreign exchange rates compare the value of one currency against the currency of other countries.
  • Foreign exchange rates of currencies depend on the demand and supply in the financial market. 
  • Foreign exchange rates today keep changing and do not have a stable price.

Q2. How do currency exchange rates today represent currency?

Ans. The currency exchange rates today for a currency are represented with the help of currency acronyms or currency codes. For example, the currency acronym for American Dollar is USD. It is also the currency code for it.

Q3. What is the meaning of the spot rate and the forward rate in foreign exchange rates today?

Ans. The meaning of spot rate and the forward rate in foreign exchange rates means the ongoing price value of a currency and the future expected price of the currency. The expected price of a currency is analyzed and predicted on the basis of the currency exchange rate today. This currency exchange rate today can rise and fall tomorrow and the foreign exchange rates today can completely change in the future.

Q4. Can you explain key currency in simple words?

Ans. Key currency is a type of currency that has a stable market value. These currencies are also used as benchmarks for financial transactions like foreign exchange, trade, and international contracts.

Q5. Will the foreign exchange rates today change tomorrow?

Ans. Yes, foreign exchange rates today will change tomorrow. It happens because of the price change of the currency. The foreign exchange rates today are based on the future prediction of the price value of that currency.

Q6. Can I predict the price of any currency with the help of the currency exchange rate today?

Ans. Yes, the professional price analyst can predict the price of a currency with the help of the currency exchange rates today. One can also track past foreign exchange rates for a better understanding of the price fluctuation of a currency.

Q7. Can you explain the foreign exchange rates in simple terms?

Ans. The rate at which you can exchange a currency for another currency is known as the currency exchange rate. It is different for every currency. You can take the example of USD. Suppose the price of $1 is equal to INR 60, then INR 1 will have a foreign exchange rate of 1/60 of USD.

Q8. Can you explain what are the features of the foreign exchange market?

Ans. The foreign exchange market carried numerous tasks. Some of the tasks are mentioned below-

  • Transfer Function: This function of the foreign exchange market refers to the transfer of buying power of countries.
  • Credit function: Credit function means the credit provisions concerning foreign exchange. It implies the import and export of goods and services across the globe.
  • Hedging: Hedging in a foreign exchange market stands for protection against any risk related to foreign exchange. It has a simple function to minimize the chances of loss.

Q9. What does it mean by fixed Exchange Rate?

Ans. The fixed exchange rates are also called pegged exchange rates. It is a type of currency system that is operated by the government. Under this currency system, a country tries to maintain the value of its official currency against a targeted good or currency.  Fixed exchange rates of a currency are decided by the government.

Q10. What does it mean by the buying and selling price of a currency?

Ans. The buying and selling price of a currency means its foreign exchange rates or the price of that currency in the foreign market. One can trade in different currencies to gain profit. For example, if a person wants to gain profit from a currency trade, he can buy the currency at a low price and sell it at a higher price. The price of these currencies depends on the demand and supply of the currency in the market.

Q11.How can a person gain the highest foreign exchange rates in the foreign exchange market?

Ans. One can gain the highest foreign exchange rates with the help of money changers or financial institutions. Generally, money changers offer attractive exchange rates to people due to the competitive market. 

Q12.Can I know the foreign exchange rates of my currency?

Ans. Yes, you can know the foreign exchange rates of your currency with the help of financial websites. You can also contact the bank and other trustworthy financial institutions. If you want to exchange your currency then make sure you do it beforehand before traveling to a different country. It will help you receive the best price for your currency.

Q13. What is the significance of a currency exchange rate converter?

Ans. Foreign exchange rates of a currency can be calculated with the help of an online foreign exchange rates converter. These converters give a person a general idea of how much he should gain by selling his currency.

Q14. How can a currency come in demand in foreign exchange?

Ans. There are many ways for a currency to be in demand in the foreign exchange market. This involves making payments in foreign currency. There are many reasons for a demand-

  • When a country imports goods and services, foreign exchange rates are important to pay for the trade service.
  • Tourism is another factor to generates the demand for a currency.
  • One can also see the rise in demand via unilateral transfers.
  • The demand rises when an asset is purchased abroad.
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