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Practical Solutions To Consider When Your Social Security Benefits Are Denied

Millions of Americans rely on social security benefits after an illness or disability leaves them unable to earn an income. And while the benefits are there to protect those who cannot generate their income, there are numerous instances when benefits are denied. It can be exceptionally daunting to find yourself in a position where your only source of income is rejected, and there are various reasons applications can be denied.

Fortunately, there are a few practical solutions to consider if you find yourself in this tricky predicament.

Here’s what you can do.

1. Consult A Disability Lawyer

Even though you may initially assume that hiring a lawyer will be a cost you can’t afford right now, consulting a social security disability lawyer is a wise decision. More often than not, your first consultation will be free as a general standard. In addition to this, hiring legal representation is the best way to ensure your application is received in good order and the process is not as time-consuming. You will also be more likely to receive a positive outcome when a legal expert handles your situation on your behalf.

2. File An Application For Reconsideration

When your initial social security benefits application is denied, you will have the immediate option of filing for reconsideration. However, you have likely received documentation from the SSA which explains why your application was rejected. The reconsideration can take up to 60 days. And leaving this to an expert lawyer is the best approach.

3. Gather New Medical Evidence

Suppose your application was rejected due to invalid or lack of medical evidence to support your need for benefits. In this case, it is wise to visit your doctor and gather new medical evidence to support your application. Your medical condition may endure changes, and recording these changes is essential to your social security benefits claim. Recent medical evidence could help you receive a new decision on your reconsideration application.

4. Ask Your Doctor For A Testimonial

Whether your medical condition is changing or not, you have the option of asking your doctor for a testimonial to strengthen your case. If your health practitioners genuinely believe that you need disability benefits, their testimonials can be a substantial piece of evidence for your claim. Medical practitioners are under oath to care for patients as best as possible, and providing testimonials is a common occurrence.

5. Coping With Your Disability

Your biggest concern is likely your loss of income after an illness or injury has left you unable to work. However, you will also need to look at financing options if you need to make changes to your home due to your condition. As a result, it is wise to create a detailed budget for your new expenses and needs. You can also use your budget in your claim case. If you can claim from a disability insurance policy as well, you should rely on a lawyer to build your case for you.

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