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List of Top Financial Scholarships in US 2024

Studying in US universities requires significant investments. On average, one year at an American university will cost parents $30,000 for student tuition, and about $15,000 will have to be spent on all related expenses: accommodation, food, and personal expenses.

But don’t be discouraged because you can pay for everything: there are scholarships for this! This is a great opportunity to significantly reduce tuition fees and sometimes even cut living costs.

Is there free education at US universities?

Free education in the USA is a goal for applicants from all over the world. Is everything so easy in reality? Let’s take a look at what the US higher education system offers if you want to get a scholarship and study finance.

1. Fulbright Scholarship Program

The Fullbright Scholarship Program has been in the US for over 70 years. Its main feature is full tuition fees at an American university. But there is also one major drawback. The scholarship is not available for the Bachelor’s degree. The conditions for applying for the Fullbright program are quite simple. For this, you need:

  • have a bachelor’s or specialist’s degree in finance;
  • correctly fill out an application for the program.

An application for the Fullbright program consists of a questionnaire, a resume, two essays, and three references. By the way, if you have problems with writing essays for getting this scholarship, you can ask for help on WritingCheap. A professional writer will help you to create a paper that will make you stand out from other applicants.

2. American University Scholarship

American University is a higher education institution founded back in 1892, which has earned a reputation as one of the best universities in the USA in the field of international relations, public administration, and political science, as well as the center of the arts in Washington.

The university consists of seven divisions:

  •       Kogod School of Business. Here you can choose a program in finance.
  •       School of Communications;
  •       School of Professional and Extensive Studies (SPExS).

They also have programs in a wide range of other fields. The university is widely known in the United States and around the world for promoting international cooperation, as it has students from more than 150 countries and regularly hosts world leaders.

3. Auburn University Scholarship

It is located in the small southeastern city of Auburn, Alabama. Twenty-five thousand students from all over the world study here. One of the main features of the educational system of this university is that academic education is closely related to research activities. Also, in this university, you can find a great program in finance. Another special characteristic of the educational process at Auburn University is co-operative education (Co-Op).

4. Florida International University

It is an American state university located in Miami, Florida, USA. This higher education institution is the first and only public research center in Miami to offer over 200 programs. You can get a degree in finance here. Despite the fact that the university was founded on a remote abandoned airfield, today, it has grown into one of the largest higher education institutions in the country. Florida International University calls its mission the development of entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation in its students in order to become full-fledged and prepared participants in the global labor market.

5. Louisiana State University Scholarship

Louisiana State University is the largest research university in Louisiana. Due to the level of academic education and the prospects that are open to graduates after graduation, LSU is recognized as one of the 16 most popular universities in the USA. It offers lots of training programs including finance. LSU alumni include Hollywood actors, world-renowned doctors, famous athletes and statesmen, and international architects.

6. The University of Kansas Scholarship

It is located in the town of Lawrence, on the banks of the Kansas River. The University of Kansas provides about 350 study areas, including finance. About 30,000 students study here, of which more than 2,000 are foreigners. The University cares for international students and offers a wide range of services and programs, personal counseling, and academic support to help everyone adapt to life in Lawrence. The university is included in the Top 50 US public universities.

7. Scholarship at the University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida is the second-largest university in the USA, with over 60,000 students. It is ranked 91st among the best public universities. The university has 13 faculties, including the department of finance. It is in 13th place in the rating of the most innovative educational institutions in the USA. It gets into the top public schools ranking (out of 4,500 higher education institutions). It is the number one in the rating of the universities where it is great to write a Ph.D. according to The Carnegie Foundation.

8. University of South Carolina Scholarship

University South Carolina is one of the biggest public universities in the country. The university prepares bachelors, masters, and doctors of science in a wide range of specialties, including finance, provides distance learning, courses for advanced training. The number of students exceeds 44,000.

Since 1996, the Bachelor’s Degree Program in International Business has been recognized as the best every year! Magellan Scholars have funded 1,000 undergraduate research projects over the past ten years. It is in 5th place among US universities in the distance learning program. It is the perfect education institution where you can get a degree in finance.

The requirements for students are relatively simple. To be eligible for a financial scholarship in America, you must demonstrate a high GPA and, most importantly, be interesting to the university itself. Choose the most suitable one to study finance, taking into account the information about their scholarships. Good luck.

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