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Digital Signage Content for Financial Institutions

Currently, financial institutions are reinventing the bank’s experience using the latest forms of digital signage. This new transformation comes in the wake of most industries transitioning from the old technology to the latest one.

Apparently, it is extremely rare to find customers visiting their respective bank branches to cash in their checks or deposit some cash. Most services handled by customers at a brick-and-mortar location are now done via smartphone, online, or the drive-thru.

Therefore, whenever you or other customers visit a bank branch, communications become the key factor for better transactions. Unfortunately, this particular financial institution faces a lot of pressure to communicate with customers quickly and effectively.

However, the availability of a digital signage system with interactive touch screens is playing a significant role in providing the best customer experience ever.

Digital Content for Your Financial Institution

Here is the latest type of financial institution digital signage content that you can use to grab the attention of clients:

1. Digital Lobby Signage Content

With the digital lobby signage, you can easily capture the attention of your clients as soon as they walk into the bank. Better still, you can use the same digital lobby signage to impress every branch visitor at this particular financial institution.

To achieve this feat, you need to replace all welcome signs and bullet boards with a digital signage system. This exceptional digital signage technology provides real-time financial information, improves internal communications, and enhances financial services.

2. Marketwall Content

Digital signage for financial institutions, credit unions, and various bank branches provides visitors with important market information. At a glance, your customers can read and understand the information on the digital displays while they wait at an ATM or in line.

For that reason, you are hereby encouraged to display real-time financial information regarding various dynamic content options such as commodities, bonds, stocks, currencies, and other financial products. Use the right digital signage content to promote customer engagement and also to keep your visitors updated with the current market changes, particularly on a digital stock ticker.

3. Promotions  through Digital Content

You may take advantage of the state-of-the-art digital signage software to increase revenue by upselling and cross-selling through promotions. Digital displays can help you manage and even update your most vital custom content. Through digital signage for banks, you can as well display new products, financial services, deals, or changes that reflect the needs of your local audience.

4. Digital Bulletin Board Content

Use playlists, images, videos, and RSS feeds to educate your customers. You can implement this policy by providing vital and timely information to your visitors at the various bank branches. Relevant content including social media updates and news feeds can significantly reduce the expected wait times. Most importantly, they can help improve the customer experience and branch experience as well.

5. Employee Communication Digital Content

Digital signage solutions can also improve your financial institution’s event attendance, welcome new employees, communicate procedure changes, and share available productivity statistics. Employee communication helps streamline operations with your bank premises. In this regard, you should consider keeping all lines of communication open with your bank staff members.

6. Digital Directory Content

Make sure to add an effective and interactive digital directory to guide your guests and customers while in the bank. A well-displayed digital directory can help your clients find their way around your financial institution easily. With these digital signs in place, your guests will not have to approach your front desk employees for any assistance.

Benefits of Digital Signage within Your Financial Institution

There are countless benefits of digital signage for various financial institutions. The most common ones include:

  1. Digital signage helps inform your customers about your financial services and financial products. These digital signs display real-time quotes and rates complete with automated data imports.
  2. Digital signage offers great opportunities for cross-selling different types of financial products and services.
  3. Digital screens in your retail banking hall can educate your bank employees and customers about finance terminologies.
  4. Digital touch screens at the bank can entertain customers and guests by providing television programs, weather channels, and current news.
  5. Digital signage provides interactive systems banks like touch screens kiosks for customers to access useful information. These systems also play an integral role in alleviating the pressure from desk customer service providers. The systems simply promote customers in self-service at your financial institutions.
  6. Digital touch screens and video walls help banks such as yours to provide a more engaging and personal customer experience while sharing key insights with your team of bank employees.

Final Thought

Financial institution digital signage content plays a key role in displaying and providing up-to-date information to your customers and employees. Whether it is displaying loan, mortgage, interest rates, or financial product and finance service information, digital displays offer interactive, engaging, and dynamic ways to communicate with different audiences. This form of communication also caters to the needs of customers, visitors, and staff members across various sites in real-time no matter their exact location.

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