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15 Best International Money Transfer Apps 2023

In the present era, human life has become extremely technology-dependent. The current technology boom has made everyone rely on different gadgets. Moreover, the internet has become the primary means of global communication and has given mankind an opportunity to set up a virtual world.

In such a scenario, both the banking and business sectors have taken the digital route. Nowadays, there are many applications that help people transfer money from one bank to another.

These applications also help people and businesses to transact online whenever or whenever necessary. The best apps allow global money transfers too.

Here, you will know about the top 15 international money transfer apps that you can install and use for international transactions.

1. Google Pay


Google Pay is one of the most popular money transfer apps that people rely on globally. It is mostly used in all the leading countries of Europe and Asia. It is also used in the USA in huge masses.

Google Pay is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones and other smart gadgets as well. You can transfer money on an account-to-account basis.

In terms of security, you can rely on GPay as it allows a person to transfer money after entering a couple of pin codes. Moreover, all verifications, it requires the user’s fingerprint or face recognition.

2. PayPal


PayPal is one of the top money transfer applications when it comes to reliability. However, it comprises a set of charges that you need to pay upfront.

You can only send money via Paypal if the other recipient also has an activated account on the platform. You should always study the charges before installing the app and using it. PayPal also has a wallet feature where you can add money and directly transact it during emergencies.

3. Transferwise

Transfer wise

Transferwise is a popular international money transfer application that works on the peer-to-peer structure. Though it is not a free app, the charges are quite affordable. Moreover, it helps you save the costs of international money transfers with the help of pairing. With Transferwise, you can transfer up to $19999 in a single go.

You can use this application in countries, like Australia, Switzerland, the UK, the USA, India, Sweden, and Hong Kong. You can expect all transactions to be completed within 3 to 5 days from initiation. Unlike many other apps, the charges are pretty standard and people from different socio-economic classes can afford it comfortably.

4. InstaReM


InstaReM can be considered one of the best money-sending apps due to its affordability. As a user, you will not need to give any flat charges as fees. This app takes a percentage of the total amount you transact as a fee.

You can use the InstaReM app in countries, like Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, the UK, India, the US, Malaysia, and most European countries. You will be only charged a minimum exchange rate.

InstaReM assures all international money transfers will be completed within 1-2 days from initiation. Moreover, the InstaReM app comprises a feature where you can virtually use different mediums.

If you are about to use this app, try getting to know about the charges as well as the upper and lower limits of the amount that changes according to the country. It also allows you to transfer money to the EFTs and people can also use the wired transfer method of transferring money.

5. MoneyGram


If you need to transfer money to another person in the form of cash or digital, you can choose MoneyGram. According to recent data, MoneyGram backs the title of being the second-largest provider of money transfer, worldwide.

The time taken for transfers varies based on the place and destination it is sent. You should visit the website before downloading the app to know about the process of how it works. If you are using a credit card, expect the transfer to be completed in more time than a direct bank-to-bank deposit.

In the case of money exchange, you must refer to the recent data from authentic websites.

6. OFX


If you need to transfer a large amount of money to foreign countries frequently, OFX can be your best pick. The best feature of OFX is its performance. You can see OFX completing money transactions within a day.

OFX has got availability in all major countries, like New Zealand, Singapore, the US, Australia, and Canada. The highest amount that you can send to the other recipient is $ 10,000. The best convenience you can get from OFX is a waiver of the transfer fee as per the total money sent.

7. Azimo


Azimo is a leading application for money transfers that allows the receiver to get the money directly into the bank account. The best you can get from using the Azimo app is the sign-up deal.

Another important thing that you can get from Azimo is transparency. This application allows you to track your money transfer easily.

If you are residing anywhere in the world and planning to transfer money to India, you can rely on the Azimo app. Furthermore, you can enjoy the features of Azimo completely free.

In terms of global data, you will find more than 200,000 points for picking up the cash transferred from Azimo.

8. EcoPayz


EcoPayz is a reliable money-transferring application that you can use if the recipient uses the same too. Apart from being a money-transferring app, you can use EcomPayz as an e-wallet too.

As there is an e-wallet in EcoPayz, any amount you receive primarily enters the wallet. So, you need to convey this message to the recipient so that he/she can be prepared accordingly.

As per the working strategy, you can observe sharply diminishing money transfer charges as long as you use the application. There are different levels that you can step on while using the app.

As far as the charges are concerned, Ecopayz automatically deducts a specific amount as soon as you withdraw a particular sum.

9. Payoneer


You can use the Payoneer application to transfer money abroad as most departmental stores in the leading countries use this application. It is compatible with MasterCard and Visa.

As a result, you can easily withdraw money from any ATM. Sending huge amounts of money is just a matter of seconds for the Payoneer app as it is business-friendly.

As the Payoneer application is used for money transfers, it allows the users to observe their currencies in 20 different country-based formats. Moreover, you get a chance to access the application in 19 languages.

10. Western Union


Western Union is quite a known name in the sector of money transfer. It has several exchanges and pick-up points in leading countries of the world. Lately, Western Union has started working digitally and its application is compatible with both Android and iOS systems.

As per the feature of the Western Union app, you can access information on the transferred money and check whether it is collected or not. Moreover, this application connects to your phone camera and allows you to scan your debit and credit card for quicker transactions.

So, with the Western Union app, you can transfer money completely online without paying cash to the sending point. You can get many discounts on money transfers while using the Western Union application.

11. Remitly


If you are looking for efficient money transferring application suitable to send over $1000 USD to a different account, Remitly can be your choice. You can send money to all major Indian bank accounts with the help of Remitly.

A good thing about Remitly is that it charges specifically during each money transfer rather than a monthly charge. Moreover, you can come across their own exchange rate in case of international transfers.

12. Xoom


Xoom is actually owned and controlled by PayPal and is best for people who need to transact money to Indian bank accounts. With Xoom, you need not pay any charges as transfer fees if you are sending a sum of $1000 or above.

If the sum you send is lower than the said amount, you can get discounts too. Another good thing about Xoom is its transparency in the case of the exchange rates. The Xoom app is perfect for NRIs sending money back home to India.

13. Venmo


The Venmo app for international money transfers resembles more with the GPay app and you can use it in the same way. It only takes minutes to transfer money to foreign accounts with Venmo.

The absence of fees makes it a very popular money transfer name among youth. However, if you are transacting money with your credit cards, Venmo can levy a 3% charge. As far as the app is concerned, it is available on both Android and iOS devices. It has an overall rating of 4.5 and over 10 million downloads.

14. PhonePe


PhonePe is one of the most recent and advanced international money-transferring apps that originated in India. It works on the BHIM UPI and has an easy user interface. Besides just transferring money to most banks in leading countries, you can also make purchases on e-commerce websites using the PhonePe app. It collaborates with InstaReM in case of an international money transplant.

15. Paytm


Paytm is yet another application that has its origin in India. However, you can use it in many other countries as well. If you are new to online money transfers and transactions, you can rely on Paytm as it has 24×7 customer support.

Moreover, you can enjoy getting exciting cash backs while using Paytm on a regular basis.

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Final Words

Online money transfer is the need for the hour as the global business sector runs at an increasing pace. Moreover, as most countries in the world are going cashless, people are experiencing the need to have such convenience apps.

If you are installing these apps for the first time on your smartphone, consider their user-friendliness and performance. It is high time for you to learn about handling money online. Moreover, you should make sure to enter all your banking data properly in the apps.

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