Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund

A fund of funds is a mutual fund scheme that pools the investors’ amount to invest in other mutual funds. The Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund scheme will invest in Schroder International Selection Fund Global Equity Alpha.

What is the Axis Global Equity Fund of Fund?

Axis AMC has achieved huge acceptance by the investors by offering diverse, profitable, and responsive investment schemes.

This new offering of the Axis Mutual Fund is created to offer long term capital appreciation by predominantly investing in Schroder International Selection Fund Global Equity Alpha.

Basically, Axis global equity alpha fund of fund an open-ended fund of funds that will help Indian investors take advantage of global investment opportunities. With this scheme, you are able to invest in companies that are not accessible in India.

This new fund offer launched by Axis AMC will be opened for subscription from 4th September to 18th September 2020. It will help Indian investors to invest in a high-quality global portfolio through the Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund scheme.

About Schroder International Selection Fund Global Equity Alpha

Schroder has been working for 200 years from 35 areas across Europe, the US, Asia, West Asia, and Africa, with asset management of £525.8 billion.

It owns around 25% stakes in AMC Axis. All the funds of this scheme are managed by the Schroder Global Equities team based in London. They have over 400 fund managers and analysts worldwide.

If you want to unlock the global investment opportunities and want to diversify your portfolio, then NFO launched Axis AMC can be your ideal platform.

Who can Invest in the Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund?

It has been found that almost every Indian investor invests in the Indian markets, which represent just 3% of the worldwide market capitalization. Suppose you are an Indian investor and want to invest in equity and equity-related securities of companies worldwide, in that case, you should opt for the Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund.

Furthermore, this scheme is also suitable for investors who want to take advantage of global investment opportunities. This new fund scheme allows you to invest globally through domestic funds with a minimum application charge of Rs.5000.

If you are an experienced investor and know the sense of the market, you should opt for the Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund because it’s an ideal and trustworthy way to create wealth.

Investors seeking long-term growth capital appreciation can invest in this scheme.

The following investors are qualified and may apply for subscription of the scheme:

  • Resident adult people either single or jointly (not more than three) or an anyone or survivor premises
  • Minor (as the sole holder only) through parents or a court-appointed guardian. There will not be any joint holding with minor speculation;
  • NRIs/ PIOs/Overseas Citizens of India living abroad on a non-repartition basis; such other class of a person is permitted to invest in this scheme and may be regulated by the trustee from time to time.

Reasons to Invest in the Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund

The global equity fund is not new to Indian Investors. In fact, the oldest existing International equity fund in India was released in 2004. We all know that global equity funds provide impressive wealth creation opportunities, so how Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund is different?

The Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund serves a good diversification purpose and some other exciting wealth opportunities that are listed below-

1. Exposure to Global Growth Opportunities

Fund and asset managers are speaking endlessly on global growth opportunities. However, investment in international funds is risky but their return is remarkable. The Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund scheme has made it easy and convenient for the Indian investor to take advantage of global growth opportunities.

2. Reduced Risk

Developed markets are associated with low risk and lower correlation which can reduce the risk of losing money.

3. Better Risk-Adjusted Return

If you are like most investors, who feel afraid of investing in overseas companies due to inflation in the global company then choose Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund that allows you to diversify your portfolio which is a key to reducing the risk.

4. Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

Investing in international funds may mean more risk exposure, but the investment return is very high. By diversifying your portfolio, you can spread the risk and earn the potential of different markets. Indian market is still in the growth stage, while international funds are performing tremendously better in the global market.

5. Schroder Investment Edge

Schroder, a global investment manager, focusses on what matters to the investors. It offers to integrate ESG and fundamental risk analysis that makes your stock selection process easier. You will be glad to know that you can invest in the top holding companies like AmazondotCom Inc, Alphabet Inc, Microsoft Corp, Visa Inc, Adobe Inc, Facebook Inc, United health Group Inc, Intuit Inc, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Philip Morris International.

6. Some of the Fund’s Salient Features Include

To find profitable companies, it offers you a bottom-up fundamental research option. And most importantly, the fund is only invested in a high conviction portfolio of geographically and sectorally diversified mandates.


We believe international equity funds with diversified global mandates are better from a risk point of view. Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund is a great option to explore the international market and gain high returns.

To learn more, visit Axis AMC’s official website.

Let us know if you found our blog informative and do share your thoughts/experiences on the Axis Global Equity Alpha Fund of Fund with us.

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