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Types of Future Generali Life Insurance Plans

With over 15.7 lakhs claims settled, Future Generali life insurance is a one stop solution to all your insurance needs. Providing more than 12.9 lakh policies, Future Generali life insurance promises to bring forward the right plan for all their customers.

The insurance company is also taking initiatives to bring positive changes in the society with their Light a Billion Lives campaign that aims to supply clean lighting to poor communities across the world.

Having 104 branches in India, this joint initiative by Future Group, Generali Group and Investment Trust Limited offers a wide array of insurance plans to invest in. They present different categories of insurance plans ranging from traditional life insurance to online unit-linked insurance plans.

Types of Future Generali Insurance Plans

Understanding the need to have a strong digital presence in this day and age, Future Generali brings five different online insurance plans for us to choose and invest in.

Future Generali Big Dreams Plan

Future Generali Big Dreams Plan is an online ULIP plan which gives the opportunity of an extra allocation on premium starting from 1% to up to 7%. Within this plan, one can opt to take any of the three options- Wealth Creation, Retire Smart and Dream Project. The plan is very easy to buy with just a few clicks and also has zero allocation charge. One can also enhance protection by choosing various riders for the plan.

Future Generali Heart and Health Insurance Plan

This is probably the health insurance plans in India that covers the most number of critical illnesses and provides insurance coverage to families during times of crisis. The plan contains a list of 59 critical illnesses and covers not only the medical expenses but also the post treatment expenses as well. The plan has 4 different options that cater to different health insurance requirements. When bought online this plan also has a 5% discount making it one of the cheapest but also most reliable health insurance policy in the country.

Future Generali Saving Plans

The savings plans put forward by Future Generali fulfill short term and long term investment needs and also provides funds for every major financial needs in one’s life. Thus, these plans are a smart investment option and there is always the tax benefit to look out for. There are numerous trusted traditional plans and also other guaranteed plans. Unit linked insurance plans have also come up under the Savings Plans category.

Future Generali Assure Plan

A traditional savings plan by Future Generali, this plan offers different term options to choose from and is also very flexible when it comes to the term period. One can enter the plan up to maximum age of 55 years and the policy term can be 15, 20 or 25 years. At the end of the plan, one can also avail many added bonuses. There are also other benefits like death benefits and other tax exemptions.

Future Generali New Assure Plus

A flexible insurance plan, Future Generali New Assure Plus, this plan allows you to choose different policy terms and premium payment methods. This plan has two death benefits added to the base plan and the minimum Sum Assured is Rs.1,00,000. The premium payment term can be between 5 to 30 years.

Future Generali Investment Plan

ULIP plans are the most sought after insurance plans this decade, mostly because of the investment benefit that comes along with the insurance cover. Future Generali provides many ULIP plans to choose from, some of them even having an online platform.

Future Generali Easy Invest Online Plan

This is a ULIP plan that gives a long term insurance cover along with a steady investment scheme. Starting at only Rs.4000 per month, Future Generali Easy Invest Online Plan is very easy to begin your investment in. on top of it, it is an online scheme and gives you the option of choosing between monthly and yearly payouts. One can also avail Loyalty Additions during the last five years of the plan making the scheme all the more profitable.

Future Generali Term Insurance Plans

Future Generali understands the insurance needs of every kind of family out there and has crafted four different term insurance plans that provide financial security at ease. It has plans wherein an individual has to only spend Rs.14 per day making Future Generali Term Insurance Plans affordable to middle-class families as well.

Future Generali Care Plus

One of the most simple life insurance plans by Future Generali, this scheme lets you pay a very low premium amount and gives you longer life cover. It protects you and your family against financial difficulties of all kinds with death benefit as well. One can opt to pay a premium amount monthly, half-yearly or yearly. However, there are no maturity or surrender benefits in this plan.

Future Generali Express Term Life Plan

This is an all in one life insurance that provides you a long insurance cover and also gives additional benefits in case of death or critical illnesses. The plan is extremely flexible as it allows you to choose the term period and payment method. The death benefit involved in the plan is very high, equal 105% of the total premium paid until death.

Future Generali Health Insurance Plan

Future Generali understands the risks that come with living a modern life. There are numerous lifestyle diseases that have evolved in this generation and often times, the treatment for such diseases are very expensive. Future Generali Health Insurance Plans covers a range of critical illnesses and provides coverage for medical expenses and other treatments.

Future Generali Cancer Protect Plan

Cancer is one of those diseases that is seen on a very high rate among people today. The treatments involved in this disease are quite expensive and can make one end up in a financial crisis. This plan comes with various options depending on the seriousness of the disease. This plan is different from other life insurance plans in India as it has a Free Look period of 15 days during which you can opt out of it in case of any disagreement with the terms and conditions.

Along with these basic plans, Future Generali also has many retirement plans, child plans and group plans on the offer. They can be customized to one’s insurance needs and support you financially. This joint venture by Future Group, Generali Group and Investment Trust Limited has become one of the top insurance companies in India due to this very reason.

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