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5 Reasons Why You Need a Life Insurance

Importance of a Life Insurance

Gone are the days when life Insurance was an identification that you are an impulse buyer. Lifer Insurance is equally important as Auto Insurance. This, therefore, draws to the conclusion that investing one’s money to paying premiums monthly is equally not a bad idea after all.

With permanent life insurance, so many developments are made which make it easier to acquire it with ease. Life insurance has made it able for one to acquire without necessarily following up with the so-called medical records in order to obtain it. This is quoted to be one of the distinguished ways in which has resulted in the 30% increase in the demand for life insurance.

Life Insurance has also enabled individuals to acquire an elaborate peace of mind, especially those who already have acquired their respective families. They are able to remain calm they are aware that their family is financially secured even with his/her absence today and in the future to calm.

5 Important Reasons Why You Need Life Insurance

The following concludes the reasons why obtaining life insurance is a vital element in one’s life:

1. Cover Any Financial Expenses

Most Chronic diseases can have a financial burden on both the individual and the immediate family. It even causes one to obtain unrealistic loans from banks that a very strenuous to pay or even result in borrowing money from immediate family and friends which sometimes can be quite embarrassing.

Then why should you have to undergo all this yet you can easily obtain life insurance depending on your ability. As earlier mention, life insurance has made it easy for people to acquire it. One thing that has been made possible is obtaining life insurance with no medical check necessity. Medical checks and procedures shy a lot of people away for a number of reasons.

One of them being the cost, doing medical checks can be quite expensive especially if you are suffering from some sort of chronic disease. Several companies that offer Life insurance have made it possible to obtain life insurance.

Also with life insurance, it does not only cover hospital bills and medical necessities. It can also cover funeral arrangements for the deceased.

2. Cover the Family

There is a great feeling that every parent gets when their children are financial secured even one kicks the bucket. With life insurance, one is able to take care of their children’s education also. Especially considering that today for one to acquire a quality college education it involves money. So, therefore, it is much reason to start securing their future by putting the savings into premiums.

Life insurance also covers the family also be replacing the income of one of the spouses is if by any chance one of them become deceased. An example is if today I tragically lost my wife yet she had some contribution to the family expenses in some way. Then the life Insurance will come on board and replace my wife’s income and thus still accommodate to sustain our initial lifestyle before the whole tragedy.

3. Gives Time Allowance

It is clear that life insurance does not purportedly benefit the dead but is meant for the living. Therefore, in a case scenario where the breadwinner becomes deceased, the immediate family at this time faces many difficulties in readjusting themselves and at the same time mourning for the dead. In this case, then that is now when life insurance comes to play.

With life insurance, it gives them time to readjust i.e. if it is looking for another source of income or if it is moving to a cheaper home as compared to where they were living. It caters to all this by either making the necessary payments or paying for the children’s education.

4. Reduces the Trauma

Losing someone, you loved and expecting to spend the whole life with is something devastating. It causes a lot of restlessness in an individual and lack of a peace of mind to be productive in different areas of specialty. A life-insured person however will not have a hard time regaining back their peaceful mental state. Since it would have released some of the burdens that were entirely causing one to be in that particular state of mind.

For example, if one was worried about where to get the financial support that would continue to sustain their particular kind of lifestyle, life insurance comes in.

Another way in which life insurance comes in on reducing trauma is proving different types of insurance depending on one’s specifications. No needle life insurance is one of the highlights that helps to reduce trauma from an individual.

Remember this is a hetero–type not a society everyone has different types of phobias that cause a certain line of trauma; an example is a fear of using needles. Life insurance has been able to assist with the post-traumatic effects of using needles during any medical coverage and come up with the no needles life insurance.

5. Tax Advantages

Life insurance has tax advantages that enable an individual to plan for their future. This scenario mainly takes place when obtaining a permanent type of life insurance. Some of the ways an individual can benefit from tax advantages when under life insurance include:

  1. Tax-free dividend
  2. Tax _deferred growths
  3. Cash Withdrawals

An example is that during the cash withdrawals, one can simple withdraw money from the policy if only the cash has some certain value in it and the withdrawal will be tax-free. The withdrawal is only done up to the limit of the monthly premiums the holder of the insurance pay on a monthly basis. For more detailed information on Tax Advantages, you can visit the Financegab.com website.


Life insurance is equally important as Auto insurance. It subjects one to plan for the future financially. It also encourages the idea of saving and funds management.

In the context that money is not used haphazardly rather than money is planned for. Life insurance does not only cater to the deceased and the immediate family but also the state at large.

The reason being the burden of budget allocation to the deceased family is as well as eliminated. This, therefore, creates a scenario of a more stable economy of both the state and the individual. Life insurance is a really important task.

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