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Should You Invest in Gold and Silver Through Goldco

Investing in gold was considered as a safeguard against economic downturns and other financial hardships. However, gold is an investment whose value increases with time. You can use it for more than cash and jewelry. Gold’s value is not impacted by monetary policy or market movements like paper money or investments like stocks.

A gold IRA is a retirement investment designed to assist clients in securing their retirement assets from market swings. It is a sort of Individual Retirement Account (IRA) that enables users to invest in precious metals like gold and silver. Those who do not want to invest in equities or mutual funds may do so in gold and silver.

What Is an Individual Retirement Account (IRA)?

IRAs are tax-advantaged savings accounts that allow people to save and invest for the long term.

A 401(k) plan and an individual retirement account (IRA) are quite similar. A 401(k) plan, on the other hand, is something that employees can only get as a retirement benefit plan from their company. Anybody can open IRA retirement accounts with a source of income who wants to save for the future and avail the tax advantages.

Banks and financial companies, as well as online brokerages and personal brokers, can help to set up your Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

About Goldco

Trevor Gerszt founded Goldco in 2006. Made plans to build a company that would assist clients in making sensible financial choices that would help them secure a comfortable retirement and a financial future for their children. Precious Metals Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and silver and gold bullions and coins are the company’s specialty.

From the Better Business Bureau and Business Consumer Alliance, Goldco has received an A+ and a Triple-A rating, respectively. On review sites like Trustpilot and Google, they have also received positive feedback. As a result of the company’s overwhelmingly positive client evaluations, you should feel confident in entrusting your gold and silver investments to Goldco.

Goldco Reviews

1. Positive

Current Goldco customers mostly have favorable reviews about the company’s customer service and products.

Customers expressed satisfaction with the way Goldco handled all documentation associated with the purchase between the IRA custodian and the storage facility, allowing the consumer to finalize the transaction without involving several institutions.

2. Negative

Most of the bad evaluations center on a misperception of the precious metals market’s nature and how values are derived. For instance, the encountered criticism mostly concerns the value of collector coins.

When collecting coins, their indicated value in the IRA is the melt value. This often creates misunderstanding until the fact is explained by Goldco to the buyer that the coin value is distinct and does not represent the current market worth as a solid coin.

Most of these unfavorable evaluations are eventually altered to positive once when the consumer starts to better understand the documentation.

Why Invest in Precious Metals with Goldco?

There are several reasons to consider while creating or rolling over an existing retirement account into a Precious Metals IRA. Assume you have invested all of your money in the stock market. You increase the chance of being significantly harmed by an economic slowdown or stock market meltdown under such circumstances. However, if you have part of your money in gold or silver, then you will be less affected by a declining stock market since you will have your precious metals investment to fall back in times of need.

1. Portfolio Diversification

In general, gold and silver are more valuable when the stock market is underperforming. This makes them a good choice for portfolio diversification since you can be certain that at least one component of your portfolio will do well at any given moment.

2. Holding Value

Additionally, gold and silver retain their worth well over time. Both are popular precious metals that are in short supply, making them very sought after. Gold and silver have a wide range of applications such as jewelry, to the less obvious, or for creating innovative technologies.

3. Simple Liquidation

When you are ready to retire or liquidate your investment, gold and silver will make it simple. Due to their great demand, you should not have any problem finding a buyer and collecting payment quickly. Consider how this might be different if you invested in real estate or other sectors that could not be liquidated so easily.

Over the past two decades, the price of gold has increased at about double the pace of the stock market. How much of an effect can this kind of growth have on your retirement?

4. Gold and Silver IRA’s

Goldco specializes in the establishment of gold and silver IRAs. A Precious Metals IRA provides the same tax advantages as a standard IRA. Among these advantages include tax deferral and the Retirement Savings Contribution Credit (where you might be able to deduct part of your yearly contributions to your IRA). Certain Precious Metals IRAs can also be handed down to beneficiaries tax-free upon the account holder’s death.

5. Tax Advantages

A Gold or Silver IRA allows you to invest in precious metals rather than equities and bonds, as with standard IRAs. This enables you to get the benefits of diversification while also benefiting from the tax advantages of an IRA.

6. Easy Account Opening

If you want to open a Precious Metals IRA with Goldco, the process is quite simple. Begin by visiting their website and completing the required paperwork to start a new Gold or Silver Individual Retirement Account.

7. Customer Service

After funding your account, you can choose the amount of gold or silver you want to acquire for your account. A member of Goldco’s staff will be ready to guide you through the available opportunities and assist you in making the best investment selections possible based on your requirements, circumstances, and objectives.

8. Varieties of Options

Before deciding which precious metals to include in your portfolio, decide if you like coins, bars, or a combination of the two. Bars are a popular option since they are made entirely of gold and come in different volumes. Choosing gold or silver coins, on the other hand, can be a preferable option in certain aspects.

9. The Product’s Value

The worth of a gold or silver bar is determined by its weight and the current price of gold or silver. On the other hand, coins can bring in more money than their face value, based on gold or silver. Certain coins are often more in demand or are rare, which increases their value.

10. Regulation by the IRS

There are certain limits on the gold or silver coins and bars stored in an Ira owing to IRS requirements. Gold coins and bars must be at least 99.5 percent pure, while silver coins and bars must be 99.9 percent pure. Goldco maintains a sizable variety of gold and silver coins and bars for inclusion in a precious metal IRA despite these limits.

11. Goldco Services

Goldco’s products include Precious Metals Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) divided into Gold and Silver IRAs. It is critical to understand that Goldco serves just as a broker to purchase and sell precious metals, not as the custodian of your real IRA account. However, they will help you to complete the account registration paperwork with a custodian organization.

Goldco aids clients in acquiring IRS-approved coins and bullion for inclusion in their Precious Metals Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and organizes these purchases with the customer’s custodian and storage facility. Additionally, they help with the conversion of existing retirement funds to a Precious Metals IRA.

How to Get Started with Goldco?

Customers can start a Goldco Precious Metals IRA by contacting the company directly or completing an online application. As is the case with other bank accounts, an account setup will need personally identifiable information such as social security numbers.

Suppose you do not have a custodian for precious metals. In that case, Goldco can help you open an account with one of their suggested custodians.

As part of the setup procedure, Goldco will send (physically) or email you a complete guide outlining the precious metal available to you before deciding which metals to include in your IRA. 


Changes to investments in your IRAs and other retirement accounts should be taken carefully since they will serve you for many years to come. Precious Metals IRAs and the precious metals market have been a part of Goldco’s business for decades. Precious Metals IRAs are a complex topic. Therefore, they can help investors understand the rules, regulations, and investment alternatives for Precious Metal IRAs.

Moving physical assets is also made easier by these services, which help with paperwork and logistics. The IRA custodian, broker, and IRS-approved storage facility are all under one roof (Goldco) which is often mentioned in customer reviews.

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