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5 Things to Know Before You File Your Car Insurance Claim

Purchasing a new car and driving it at your comfort can bring the best memories to cherish for a lifetime.

So, don’t you feel your car requires supreme protection for the best and timely repairs?

The answer is, undoubtedly, a big yes! And, definitely, four-wheeler insurance is an instant solution.

But have you been taking the right steps for your car insurance claim?

What are the things that you need to consider before applying for a claim settlement?

If you are not conclusive of the important aspects, then here is a detail to help you out!

Few Things to Remember When Filing a Car Insurance Claim:

1. Report the Claim to the Insurer

As a primary step, you must inform your insurer about the accident. Every insurance provider will have a stipulated time to ensure the damage is conveyed to them promptly. If you fail to do so, the claim might get rejected. And when you inform the accident on time, you can get added benefits such as towing your vehicle, arranging a pick-up, etc. It is also important to intimate the insurer at every stage of your progress towards repairing your vehicle for enhanced benefits in the future.

2. Read the policy document carefully

Analyze the situation and read your policy document before utilizing your car insurance. You can call a friend or a relative for help and understand if a claim is necessary in the first place. When you make a claim for your accident involving minor dents, you may lose several benefits, such as availing of the no-claim bonus. The insurance premium might also increase going further. Read the inclusions and exclusions in detail and compare them with your specific case to maximize benefits and assure coverage. Make the right decision based on the impact of the accident on the vehicles. 

3. File an FIR in case of major accidents

First Information Report is an important formality in the case of major accidents. It is mandatory in case of a third-party insurance claim and also where an accident involves a death. Your claim documents will be incomplete without a copy of the FIR. Take relevant photos for supporting evidence and video coverages if necessary. Do not move the vehicles before taking this evidence to rule out rejection.

4. Use the online application

When you buy car insurance online, you get used to the product features and their utilization with time. It can aid you while filing a car insurance claim. The process becomes simpler, convenient, and swift. You have to access your online auto insurance policy, file for a claim, upload the essential documents, read the policy cover and submit it timely. You can make use of the offers, make payments convenient online and ensure it is cost-efficient. While submitting the documents, provide the details of the accident and the damages genuinely. Hiding the truth or exaggerating the impact can result in rejection.

5. Do not negotiate with the third party

If you plan to file a claim and get it settled for your repair cost, you must stay away from negotiating with a third party. For instance, the third party might convince you by providing a settlement amount that you can use for the repair charges. However, if you get the repairs done in a garage using that amount and further go for a claim later, it will lead to rejection. Car insurance prices have become reasonable to make it affordable for a common man. So, it is best recommended that you follow the policy instructions to use the benefits appropriately.

Buy the Right Car Insurance Policy!

Insurance for a car is important to avail of financial assistance when the situation demands. However, it is important to choose the best insurance provider to get customized benefits. For instance, Tata AIG four-wheeler insurance provides easy and convenient settlement through their website. You simply file the claim online, provide relevant details, upload any necessary documents and the company will assess the claim. Upon successful verification, the applicable claim amount will be transferred to you.

The online car insurance claim process will help you initiate the claim faster, track the status and get it settled easily. The online car insurance premium calculator online will help you decide on the price based on the coverage required, add-on covers, and the policy term. You can also benefit from the cashless claims by getting the repairs done in network garages throughout the country. Authorized network garages are reliable for quality repair procedures to your damages.


Insurance for your car is not just mandatory but a basic necessity. It will help you get the required financial assistance to manage the repairs to your car. Therefore, you must choose the most reliable insurance provider to ensure maximum protection.

It would be best if you also kept in mind a few aspects before making a claim. You need to report the event to the insurer, read the policy documents carefully for the inclusions and exclusions, file an FIR if required, and use the online application for a hassle-free process.

It would also help if you refrained from negotiating with a third party to get the complete ensured benefits under your car insurance policy. So, stay insured and protect your car!

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