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Immigration By Investment: Why Italy Makes an Ideal Destination

Italy is among the most popular second passport destinations for Americans, and there are valid reasons for the acclaim.

The country has a lot to offer, from scenic landscapes to a pleasant climate and an easy lifestyle. It also has the best education and healthcare systems in the EU, and economic and professional opportunities abound. The conventional citizenship routes include descent, marriage, and naturalization.

But what if you do not qualify for either?

Thankfully, Italy has the option of immigration by investment. Here is a great article written by Bersani Law Firm to explain the investment route in detail. The good news is that Italy makes an ideal destination for people who want to get an investor visa.

Let us explain why the option is worth considering.

Multiple Investment Alternatives

The eligibility norms for the Italian investor visa are relatively liberal. You have multiple alternatives that enable you to invest according to your preference and capacity. Although you have to pay a massive sum for residency status, you can choose the entity.

For example, you can fund €250,000 to an innovative startup or €500,000 to an Italian company. You may take another route by donating €1 million to support a public interest project or buy government bonds worth €2 million.

Invest only when you are through

Another reason that makes Italy a great destination for investment-based immigration is a straightforward process. Even better, you have to bring in the committed sum only after getting your temporary resident permit.

The process starts by applying for nulla Aosta (certificate of no impediment) that validates your capacity as an investor. After getting the certificate, you can apply for an investor visa at your local consulate. Once you have the visa, you can enter Italy and obtain your residence permit. Now is the time to invest!

Residency Benefits

An investor visa gets your residency status in the country, and it serves a host of benefits for you. It entitles you to bring your family to Italy, live and work here, and access the facilities that Italian residents get. You can travel visa-free to Europe’s Schengen Area, making it an excellent opportunity for Americans.

Further, you can avail yourself of the medical care and education facilities here. You can seek employment or start an entrepreneurial venture here as well.

Opportunity for Italian Citizenship

The Italian investor visa is an excellent opening to citizenship if you are not eligible through the other routes. You start with a temporary residence, which converts into a permanent status after five years in the country.

Staying here for another five years makes you eligible for citizenship by naturalization. The only condition to reach this stage is to maintain your investment in the country. The process can take a long time, but it assures a positive outcome eventually.

As a growing number of Americans aspire to move to Italy, the investor visa comes ahead as an ideal alternative for them. But make sure you have a professional showing the way because they ensure a seamless transition from an investor visa to Italian citizenship. 

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