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RBL Credit Card Helps to Save While You Spend

The millennials are perceived as a generation of spenders. This is because the wants of this generation are so diverse that fulfilling them takes every possible effort on the part of the person concerned. This leaves him with no extra savings at the end of the year.

Understanding this common problem, RBL bank has come up with credit cards that will enable you to save money as you spend it. That way, you do not have to make a compromise on your spending to reach your savings target.

The bank does that by giving you back a portion of the money that you spend on the card in the form of cashback or reward points. The points may be checked on the RBL rewards login page and redeemed as merchandise vouchers.

Doesn’t that look like an ideal situation?  This article will talk about the features of this one-of-a-kind credit card.

1. Fuel Waiver

RBL Bank gives you the advantage of a fuel surcharge waiver. All you have to do is make a fuel transaction between Rs 500 and Rs 4000 in any petrol pump in the country to be eligible for this waiver. Per month, the maximum waiver amount stands at Rs 150. When added up over the year, this Rs 1800 will make an impact on your overall savings. This feature is available with most credit cards offered by the bank.

2. Online Spending Advantage

With the MoneyTap Black Card offered by RBL bank, you will get 5X Reward Points for all your online purchases. What this means is that you have 5 points for every Rs 100 that you spend. Similarly, every time you use this card for your dining, groceries, travel, or electricity bill you get 2 points for every Rs 1000 spent on it.

You can check the accumulated points on the RBL rewards login page. It is from this page that you can redeem the points as online shopping vouchers and use the same for your future purchases. That way you will be saving on the money you would have spent on the shopping if you did not have the voucher

3. Savings on Lifestyle-Related Spending

The Cookies Credit Card is the preferred choice of all those who spend a good amount on online lifestyle needs. This card gives you an Amazon Gift Card (that is worth Rs 5000) when you begin your journey. Post that, the amount you spend on the map will dictate the rewards you get on it.

If you spend Rs 10,000 annually, you will get 10% cashback at BookMyShow ten times. When your spending crosses Rs 30,00, you get 10% cashback at Zomato for your next ten orders there.

If you can spend Rs 75,000 on the card, you will get 10% cash back for your next ten Uber rides. You will make the most of your card if you can spend Rs 1,50,000 on it. That will give you an annual membership of Zomato Gold.

4. Maximizing Savings on Health-Related Spends

RBL’s Practo Plus Credit card gives a complementary health checkup at NABL-certified labs as a joining bonus. Other than that, you earn 1 HealthCash for every Rs 100 that you spend on this card.

1 HealthCash is equivalent to Rs 1 which can be used on any of the health services provided by Practo. This card also gives you access to a family doctor wherein you can connect to a doctor (via text, call, or video) in less than a couple of minutes.

This feature is available 24 X 7 and is available not just for the cardholder, but for his family as well. The consultations are accessible only by the patient and the doctor, and utter confidentiality is maintained throughout the process. This is an ideal choice for people whose annual medical expenses amount to a reasonable sum.

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5. Subsequent Bonus Points

RBL Bank is very generous in giving reward points. All you have to do is make five transactions that are over Rs 1000 every month on your credit card. For this simple usage, the bank will give you 1000 Bonus Points every month.

When added up over a while, this will contribute significantly to your savings. This feature is available on most cards offered by the RBL bank.

The key to making the apex savings on your RBL Credit Card is identifying where you spend the money and then choosing your card. RBL bank offers a wide range of credit cards to maximize savings on different types of spending.

It is advised that you go to the RBL rewards login page once in a while and redeem the hard-earned points.

Here’s wishing you a happy spending and a happy saving too.

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