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Leveraging Loan Against Property for Business Expansion

How does a loan against property contribute to your business expansion? Business growth is important for any entrepreneur who wants to grow their company and take it to the top level. However, expanding your company demands extensive financial funding, which may be tough to set up. Loan Against Property (LAP) is the best choice to fund your business expansion plans as it offers several advantages over different forms of loans.

Let us read this complete article and understand loans against property, their types, and their benefits for business.

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Loan Against Property: Overview

A loan against property is a form of secured loan wherein debtors pledge their immovable property, which includes residential or industrial houses, as collateral. The lender evaluates the property’s value and gives a loan amount based on a percent of the property’s market cost.

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Different Types of Loans Against Property

There are different types of loans against property available that you can avail

1. Loan Against Residential Property

Loan against residential property allows homeowners to pledge their home property as collateral to get a loan. This option is good for those who own a residence or rental and want funds for personal or company purposes.

2. Loan Against Commercial Property

On the other hand, the loan of a commercial property allows business proprietors to use their business property, consisting of office spaces, warehouses, or shops, as collateral for acquiring the loan. This type of LAP is tailored to fulfill the unique economic needs of companies running in diverse sectors across India.

3. Loan Against Industrial Property

Loans against industrial property provide an avenue for commercial property owners to leverage their property for financing. Industrial residences, along with manufacturing centers, warehouses, and business land, can be used as collateral to get loans for business expansion, system purchases, or operational needs.

Benefits of Loan Against Property

Here is how a loan against property may be beneficial for your business

1. Business Expansion Potential

One of the best things about loans against property for business expansion is the large amount of funds that can be accessed. In the case of this unique product, customers can obtain as much as 50% of the market value of their property, given the costs exceed R1.5 million. This infusion of capital may be instrumental in fueling ambitious growth strategies, including opening new branches, growing manufacturing potential, expanding product ranges, or investing in other technologies. The amount received through a loan against property helps businesses show their potential.

2. Lower Interest Rates

A loan against property tends to include low interest costs. Therefore, debtors need to pay less EMIs. It guarantees that the financial burden is less on debtors.

3. Higher Loan Amounts

The loan amount sanctioned is normally based on the property’s market fee, permitting access to better funds. This better loan limit presents individuals with the capital needed for substantial wealth-constructing protection.

4. Longer Tenures

A loan against property typically comes with flexible compensation terms. In the case of a personal loan, the tenure can generally go as much as 5 to 7 years. But a loan against property has a long tenure of up to 15 years. It lowers the financial stress of borrowers.

5. Tax Benefits

Interest paid on LAP is eligible for tax deductions under positive conditions. With this, people can get loans and get tax benefits.

6. Flexible Utilisation of Funds

In addition to low-price and fast investment, lenders additionally offer flexible funds utilization. The terms rely upon the type of loan that the lender is offering and the repayment fees you’re willing to obtain. For example, in case you are applying for a small loan, the lender may require high monthly payments. The best aspect that needs to be executed with a loan against property is for the borrower to make timely payments.


Loans against property are helpful for businesses because they could reap additional funding without being ready for the long term. Borrowing from banks may be tough because most small companies do not have the budget required for the method. A loan against a property makes it less tough for these people because it has an easy and flexible loan application process.

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