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How Can The IndusInd Bank FD Provide You With Steady Returns

It doesn’t matter whether you are your family’s breadwinner, a housewife, or someone who recently started working; getting stable returns from their investment is the core objective of any investor. IndusInd Bank understands this and can help you as an investor to enjoy assured and stable returns on your fixed deposit investment

Keep reading this article to find out how. 

You Can Easily Manage Your Returns

To reap higher returns on a fixed deposit, it is crucial to manage your fixed deposit. Laddering as well as reinvesting are the two most effective tools for managing FD accounts. 

You can reinvest the cash by depositing it back into your fixed deposit account at the time of its maturity. This will require you to keep track of your investment continuously and maintain your account. 

IndusInd Bank customers can get rid of these issues by choosing the auto-renewal option. In addition, you can make deposits using Mobile Banking or IndusNet for more convenience.

Choose Tax Saver Deposits With IndusInd Bank

Being careful in filing your income tax returns will help you get a better return from FDs. The FD tax implications tend to change frequently, directly impacting the amount you can earn from the deposit. You must, therefore, be smart enough to maximize the value of your investment. 

IndusInd Bank offers tax-saver deposits. Now you can avail of tax exemptions if you fall in the low-income group. By filling out your ITR using Form 15G or 15H, you can get tax exemptions.

Get Better Returns With Cumulative FDs Offered By IndusInd Bank

Fixed deposits that are non-cumulative and cumulative are specifically designed for different segments of individuals with different long-term goals. In particular, those who are pensioners can have more benefits from non-cumulative deposit options than cumulative ones. It is essential to determine the potential benefits before placing your money into a fixed deposit.

Fixed deposits that are not cumulative are great for those who want to earn regular profits from savings accounts. You can select the option of payable interest through IndusInd Bank.

The bank offers monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual interest payouts to its customers apart from the option of payment at maturity. The bank’s cumulative FDs allow you to increase the interest rate by reinvesting the interest with the principal amount. This means you will get higher returns from the bank’s cumulative FDs.

You Can Ladder The Profits

Fixed deposits are typically long-term investments with stable returns.

Moreover, through the laddering process, it is possible to grow your wealth. IndusInd Bank has a range of fixed deposit options that allow you to invest your funds as per your wish. It means you can earn greater returns and lower the risk of losing your money prematurely.


If you adhere to these guidelines and follow these tips, you will enjoy stable returns on your IndusInd Bank fixed deposit.

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