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6 Benefits of using a Mobile Net Banking App

One of the essential tools of new-age banking in India is a mobile net banking app. Since the time Unified Payments Interface (UPI) was introduced and became a hit across India almost instantly it has become extremely convenient for customers to transact using the app from opening their new bank account to investing in different instruments to pay bills and managing regular expenses  

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Features and Benefits of Mobile Banking App

In this article, we list down the benefits of start using a mobile net banking app while also mentioning certain features that are present in the mobile apps of the best personal banks in India.

1. 24/7 accessibility to your bank account

A new bank account must be accessible at all times in the day and age of UPI. Mobile net banking apps offer 24/7 accessibility to customers, allowing them to do everything from transferring money online to downloading bank account statements at any hour of the day. If you wish to gain that level of access to your bank account, you should switch to a mobile banking app.

2. Secured online transactions

Reputed banks provide not one but multiple layers of security that secure their customers’ online transactions. IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobile banking app, known as one of the best and safest apps for example provides the option of deploying additional layers of security to its customers. Your online transactions and the funds in your bank account are secure in a mobile banking app.

3. Ability to instantly check account balance

You need not visit a bank ATM to check your account balance anymore. With a mobile net banking app, you can easily check your account balance in seconds.

4. All-in-one features

Efficient mobile banking apps offer various features under the same umbrella. IDFC FIRST Bank allows its customers to invest, apply for instant personal loans, repay credit card bills, and make instant online transfers through its mobile banking app. If you wish to do away with the detailed documentation that is generally associated with bank-related services, you must opt for a mobile net banking app.

5. Multiple online transfer methods

A few reputed banks also offer multiple modes of transferring money online. “Auto Pay”, “One Swipe Pay”, and UPI transfers are the key features of IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobile banking app that help customers do essentially the same thing – transfer money online. However, having multiple options at your disposal is essential since it reduces your dependency on a single mode of online transfer.

6. Instant query redressal

Not every bank has an efficient customer service team, but the ones that do ensure that their customer service team resolves every query addressed to them through their mobile banking app. To take IDFC FIRST Bank’s case – which is popular for its prompt and efficient customer services – the mobile banking app helps customers directly connect to the customer service team, thereby facilitating instant query redressal.

Banking services and financial habits across the country have undergone a marked change in the past few years, thanks to digital banking services gaining acceptance across the country. What’s stopping you from shifting to a mobile net banking app like IDFC FIRST Bank?

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