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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Payment Online Quickly

Hassle-free payment is the main criteria for online payment. With the introduction of credit cards, the process of payment for customers has become as easy as possible.

However, one is faced with certain difficulties while making credit card bill payments. In order to avoid such circumstances, having a proper idea about the best ways to pay the bill without missing due dates and penalties is essential.

Credit card usage has grown by 30% for the session 2018-2019 in comparison to 2017-2018. There are 44.2 million credit cards in operation in India as per studies conducted in December 2018.

There are a lot of financial institutions that have put into effect the online payment processing system to manage credit card transactions such as credit card bill payment. These online systems allow users to pay the due amount wisely. Feature-rich credit card is offered by both government-backed financial institutions as well as private financial institutions.

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Online Payment Methods

Financial institutions provide a variety of payment options that can be chosen as per one’s convenience. So, credit card bill payment can be done through the following ways –

Net Banking

To use this facility, you have to register first. Once registration is done, you can link your card’s account to an existing account. Detailed information about your transaction will be mentioned in your net banking account. It is a convenient way through which users can avoid missing payment due dates and worry about penalties.

Customer care of every financial institution has become quite responsive nowadays, so any query related to the registration process can directly be addressed via the credit card customer care number.

Mobile Banking Application

Financial institutions offer mobile and browser-based applications. The application can be installed from the Play or App store and one can log in to see their transactions and make the necessary payments.

Apps like the RBL MyCard app allow you to manage as well as make payments easily. Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard holders enjoy this advantage. This Super Card is a combination of four cards- credit, cash, loan, and EMI card.

In addition, Bajaj Finserv provides pre-approved offers on this credit card as well as on personal loans, home loans, business loans, and a wide variety of other financial products. By sharing some essential details, you can check your pre-approved offer.

NACH Facility

Using the National Automated Clearing House Payment facility prevents one from the trouble to follow up on credit bill payments every month. This facility can be used to automate your bill payment once you link your existing current and savings bank account with a credit card account.

It is important for every card user to know everything about credit card payments with the NACH facility. For instance, they can utilize the eNACH facility to make the easiest repayments.

Payment through NEFT

National Electronic Funds Transfer is an electronic mode to transfer funds. It allows you to pay credit card bills from an account under any financial institution. Under the NEFT internet banking system, credit card bill payment shall be processed batch-wise.

The criteria which have to be followed to make payment using NEFT is providing details such as payee name, payee account number, bank name, IFSC code, and branch location as per your card’s statement.

Paying Using IMPS

This facility is available throughout the year including bank holidays. If you want to make the payment instantly, regardless of the working hours, Immediate Pay Service is the key. Although earlier IMPS was only reserved for mobile phones, it is now being extended through other mediums such as ATMs, internet banking, and so on.

Every financial institution provides a customer care number. In case of any query related to credit cards, you can refer to the credit card customer care number and make a call respectively.

Customers can avail of multiple benefits from a variety of easy online options for credit card bill payment. They can choose the payment method at their convenience. Credit card bill payment has become trouble-free and smooth, thanks to the above-mentioned methods, and doesn’t involve any worrying about lagging behind time.

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