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Top 10 Share Market Websites In India 2024

Want to know the best method to grow money? An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Yes, this is the only method to raise money. Our learning experience gives us ideas on how to invest, analyze the market, offset the risk of losing, and, most importantly, how to walk along with investment trends. When it comes to the share market, you have to learn to invest deeply.

The Internet is overwhelmed with investment learning tips, tricks, strategies, and guides. But, not all information available on the Internet is trustworthy. If you want to learn about the share market without spending any penny, then you have come to the right place.

This blog will share the top trustable share market websites in India that will make your investment job slightly more comfortable by providing you concise knowledge about the stock market.

The disclaimer is over: Without any further ado, let’s get it.

List of Top 10 Share Market Websites in India

Rank Website Ratings
1 Money Control 4.50/5
2 Economic Times 4.40/5
3 Business Standard 4.20/5
4 Bloomberg Quint 4.10/5
5 NSE 3.90/5
6 Live Mint 3.80/5
7 Investing 3.75/5
8 Screener 3.65/5
9 BSE India 3.50/5
10 Value Research 3.45/5

10 Best Share Market Websites in India

Here are the following top 10 share market websites in India that will always keep you in touch with the finance news, stock market updates, and economy.

1. Money Control

Money control is the one-stop place for investors who want to learn everything about the stock market. Right from the basic stock analysis, news, stocks tracking to managing the portfolio, this site provides you all the fundamental and technical data of the share market.

You can learn investment from anywhere, anyplace, and any platform by downloading its app. The money Control app is available on all the platforms- Android, iPhone, and Windows. This app is a must-have for almost every investor and trader.

The forum is an attractive feature that enables you to find the latest happening of any company.

2. Economic Times

Another most popular site that has a lot to offer is the Economic Times. From news to stock screening to portfolio tracking and management, Beta to volatility, to financial statements and trends, ET offers all sorts of information regarding the market. The information provided on the website is up to date and accurate. You can always find the latest market update and financial data of any company within one click.

Download it’s an application on your smartphone to monitor the market round the clock. Do give them a shot. Their application has a really good user-friendly interface.

3. Business Standard

Another well-known website for Indian investors in Business Standard. The website provides access to the latest market update, stock news, financial news, economy news, and different companies’ financials.

The business standard has achieved so much credibility in the market, all thanks to its contributors; Shekhar Gupta, Aakar Patel, Nitin Desai, Parthasarathi Shome, Rathin Roy, TCA Anant, and Debashis Basu.

This website is perfect for serious stock market investors.

4. Bloomberg Quint

This is a collaboration between Bloomberg and Quintillion Media, and they are doing very well in the market. This joint venture is amazing for new investors who want to learn about the stock market from scratch. This website provides helping aids to customers. In just a few years, Bloomberg Quit has become one of India’s best stock market websites.

5. NSE

NSE doesn’t need any introduction. When a beginner thinks about the investment, he heads over to the NSE website to closely know the stock market. Apart from historical data and options chains, there is plenty of information available on different strategies.

NSE site is beneficial for technical and fundamental analysis. For monitoring the market and for the stock information, you can download the NSE app.

6. LiveMint

Livemint is one of the most popular and best Indian stock market sites. Here you can read a variety of articles on the stock market, finance, economy, politics, science, and sports. Basically, it’s an Indian daily business site that shares everything related to the market and economy. Also, email alters are also available to customers. The sole purpose of this site to inform readers about the market and business.

7. Investing

Investing is an ideal platform to learn fundamental and technical analysis of the stock market. This site offers all essential information about the market analysis. The data available on this site contains news, technical analysis, forums, etc. It also comes with various integrated tools like stock screening, investment planning, and technical analysis. You can find almost everything related to the stock market analysis. Do check them out.

The amazing feature of this site is the stock screener tool.

8. Screener

The screen offers investors the opportunity to screen stocks on plenty of parameters, ROCE, ROE, Debt to Equity, Promoters Holdings, Interest Coverage Ratio, etc. All you need to name it and Screener will have the parameter to help you screen the stocks. If you are looking for a site that carries out a fundamental and technical study of the stock then Screener is the Perfect website for you. The best thing is all the features at this site are available free of cost.

9. BSE India

This is the official website of the Bombay Stock Exchange. It is similar to NSE. Compared to NSE, the data regarding the stock market is more at BSE. This website is rich and authentic in the information. Here you can access all the details regarding the fundamental and technical analysis of the stock. To get all the important information about the company one can visit the BSE India site.

Every detail about the market is trustable, highly-researched, and authentic.

10. Value Research

Value Research is highly popular for its informative articles on the stock market. It provides great data on mutual funds. For individual stocks, they provide many data like Median PE ratios over different periods of time, Z scores, and Modified C scores. They also have a bunch of other stock market information that you may find engaging.


We hope this comprehensive guide on the best stock market websites helps you a lot. All above-mentioned sites are great resources to achieve information about the market, news, company’s financial data, equity, mutual funds, portfolio analysis, and fundamental and technical analysis.

With the help of good market knowledge, you can offset the risk of losing money and create effective investment strategies that will help you become the top investor in the stock market.

Top Share Market Websites – FAQ’s

Q1. Is Money Control a reliable site to learn about the stock market?

Yes, money control is one of the most trustable stock market sites. It gets more than 50 million traffic every month. It provides reliable support information about the market, trends, and news. Don’t be influenced by the comment section of the blog posts because some of them are spam.

Q2. Which website is the best for analyzing mutual funds?

If you only want to invest in mutual funds then Value Research is a must-have site for you. Here you will get everything related to the mutual funds. It gets more than 3.7 million visitors per month.

Q3. Which is the best site for fundamental and technical analysis?

BSE is certainly one of the most popular sites that can help you carry out fundamental and technical analysis. You can go for Screener, it is also a great website to perform the fundamental and technical analysis of the company.

Q4. What makes LiveMint the best Indian stock market website?

Livemint is a great site if you want to find comprehensive information regarding the stock market, sports, science, business, and economy. Live Mint offers content, which is rich, unique, and informative.

Q5. What is the usage of Screener in the stock market?

A stock screen is a tool that enables investors to sort all the stocks as per their own criteria quickly.

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