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5 Ways to Cut Your Monthly Spending

Almost everyone loves to spend more money than they did before. But when it is about cutting down the overall monthly expenses, one may find people staring at the bills, scratching their heads, and feeling stressed.

Indeed, managing personal finance is a tough task until you have mastered the ways of balancing your regular expenses in terms of your income.

There is no rocket science involved in reducing your regular spending, except in making some efforts and certain sacrifices. It is better to start cutting down on your regular monthly spending than waiting to face financial debt.

If you find it hard to control your expenses, but urgently need to do that, here are five simple ways you can follow:

1. Make and Follow A Budget Strictly

Some people live a lifestyle in which they know the least about how they are going to spend the money they earn regularly. Youngsters and even some adults can be found following this kind of unplanned lifestyle.

They do not realize they have spent more until they reach the verge of spending all the money they have. Ultimately, they face trouble managing the necessary expenses in the time ahead.

One way to counteract overspending money is to make and follow a budget at the beginning of every month. This budget should include almost all the possible expenses that need to be prioritized, be it related to groceries, electricity bills, Internet bills, etc.

With the help of this budget, you can better analyze the reasons behind quitting to live an unplanned lifestyle and spend money wisely. You can even use software designed specifically for personal finance management needs, such as Quicken, etc.

2. Control Your Travel Expenses

This is not just limited to those who love to travel to distant places over weekends or plan holidays more frequently. Everyone has to travel within the city for work or personal reasons at one point in time or the other. Plus, no ride is free of cost.

In general, one should keep in mind that the travel expenses when summed up with other significant expenses in life should not result in financial burden.

It is great if you can afford to book cab rides to travel locally or book flights for distant travel plans. But if these modes do not fit well into your budget, you should not hesitate to skip them. Instead, look for less costly travel modes.

For instance, you can opt for public transport for your daily rides to and from your office to save money.

3. Prefer Home-Cooked Meals

This may sound a little off the hook, but it has an indirect impact on your monthly spending. You might have heard people commonly saying that what you eat is what you become. But time has changed now.

The count of people who love to eat unhealthy eatables is more than those who don’t. Plus, one can simply order hundreds of expensive delicious, exotic dishes in a fraction of a minute online.

If you love to order eatables from the outside, look at the amount of money you spent last month buying pizzas, burgers, and similar other stuff as meals.

Undoubtedly, it is going to form a major proportion of your total expenses over a month. After all, you need food to live at least. One possible solution to cut down on your spending every month in this aspect is to prefer home-cooked meals and let your family members understand the importance of it too.

4. Quit Your Bad Habits like Addiction to Smoking, Liquor

If you have developed any of these bad habits over time, you can easily pinpoint the connection. Feeling addicted to smoking five cigarettes a day or consuming alcohol once or twice every week does affect your total monthly spending.

Some addicted people can also be found saying they follow these habits within limits. But saying this won’t prevent the ill effects on their health sooner or later. In terms of money savings, no cigarettes or liquor comes for free. Moving forward with this point though, if you find yourself unable to quit drinking, and feel that you are dependent on it, then you might have an unhealthy addiction to it.

If this is the case, then you must look to going to somewhere like this Pacific Ridge Residential Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center to help you fight your addiction. The sooner you get it under control, the better it will be for your savings – not just your savings though, but also your health.

Quitting these habits of addiction simply gets the money saved which gets spent otherwise on cigarettes or liquor.

5. Focus on Saving Money

Last but not least, this is important. Planning to save a certain fixed amount of money every month can help you cut down on your monthly expenses. You can make a specific goal into which you want to invest a bigger amount of money after a certain period. Then start saving money gradually.

If that goal is close to your heart or is a part of your dreams in life, it will come to your mind every time you would think of spending money more than you should. Ultimately, all the money that you get to save over time can be utilized in better ways.

Ajeet Sharma, the founder of Financegab and a well-known name in the field of financial blogging. Blogging since 2017, he has the expertise and excellent knowledge about personal finance. Financegab is all about personal finance which aims to create awareness among people about personal finance and help them to make smart, well-informed financial decisions.


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