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Top Saving Schemes that You Can Invest In

Tax- saving is a crucial part of financial planning. Tax- saving can be intelligently strategized and can serve the dual objective by helping individuals meet their financial goals and save tax in the process. To save on taxes you can either invest your money in insurance or market or put them in saving instruments for future. You can also save on taxes by using the various allowances provided by the employers. Investment plans is a typical contrivance where one can pay today and reap benefit later.

But apart from this there are many more advantage of investment. Here we have listed some of the best tax saving investment option, plans and schemes for 2016 that can help individual to maximize tax benefits.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are best and excellent performing plans that can help you to save and get good returns to secure the future of your loved ones. There are a variety of mutual funds available in the market that you can choose. You need to do a bit of research before investing your hard earned money. The mutual funds are subject to market risk, so carefully read the agreement before investing your money into it. Mutual funds can help you save corpse of money for better future of your family and support them financial when required later.

Fixed Deposits

FDs are the low risk investment plans that can help you grow your investments gradually over the time and is considered as one of the best saving plan. You can choose from company’s FDs to bank’s FDs. But, before investing in the FDs, you must consider the following factors:

  • Credit Profile of the company or bank
  • Interest rate
  • Interest payout frequency

Recurring Deposits

Recurring deposits are the most effective and excellent way to save money for the secured future of your family. The returns in RDs greatly depends on the amount they you are depositing into the RD account. So, if your target is higher, then savings should be higher per month. It allows you to save good sum of money for a fixed intended period of time and the money saved can be used later for the to live a good lifestyle of your family.

National Saving Certificate or NSC

You are well versed with the significance of education and every parent endeavors to offer best quality education to their child in a hope of good future of their child. Due to inflation as the cost of living is increasing rapidly it is important to secure the future of your family.

There are many governments supported best saving plans and National Saving Certificate is one of them. NSC enables you to save handsome amount of money which can be used later can be used for various purposes like to fulfill the higher education of your child, buying home, securing life after retirement etc. By investing in such saving scheme, you can rest assured to get free from spending on education of your child after a set period of time.


If you are looking for long term investment plans, say for 10-15 years then PPF would be the right choice indeed. After a stipulated saving period you will have good sum of money in your hand which you can spend for the better future of your family and loved ones. You can use that amount to provide a good lifestyle and fulfill the financial requirements of your family even in your absence.

These were some of the best saving plans that you can buy depending upon your needs and goals.

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