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Dos and Don’ts for Online Investments in 2024

When it comes to online investments, 2022 has been pretty prolific with new avenues ranging from online business development and sales to many new affiliate marketing techniques, in particular for what concerns Amazon FBA.

With 2022 just starting, let’s analyze what are the best and worst practices when it comes to online investments.

1. Real Estate Moving Online

If there’s one form of investment that never died and probably will never do, that is Real State. As Warren Buffett said multiple times: “Nothing is better than buying low and selling high”. A big “do” for 2022 would be to start a drop surfing portal that lists real estate buying services, ranging from pure property listing to financial services like long-term loans, open bridging loans, and everything in between.

2. Invest In Mobile Development

There is a multitude of coding languages which has been developing in the last couple of years, especially Python. It’s no secret that Machine Learning and Deep Learning are two major focuses in every single business field, given the fact that automation has become a big focus. Small investments, such as buying stocks or shares within certain startups that are developing groundbreaking tools could be the easiest, biggest, and most lucrative investment route a business-savvy person could take.

3. STOP Aliexpress Drop Shipping

Although this could be considered more like a form of business development and given the fact that this requires substantial marketing knowledge, investing in a drop shipping business/store has been a big trend in 2016,17, and 18. It has been proven by many entrepreneurs within different niches that drop shipping (in particular the one form that involves Chinese suppliers like Aliexpress) as a whole is saturated and therefore, it’s not that profitable anymore in 2022.

4. Cut Off The “Blind” Affiliate Marketing

Amazon FBA has been one of the biggest, easiest, and most profitable affiliate marketing business programs in the last couple of years. Given the fact that the platform has a mastodontic mole of organic traffic, it’s quite easy to understand how a PPC-savvy person could have outplayed the whole internal search algorithm.

With this in mind, Amazon’s affiliate program, especially the one bit that concerns FBA is set to build more rules, raise their costs per click, and much more. Therefore, it is better to look into affiliate marketing for other companies such as ClickFunnels, as it is still a lucrative way to make money despite Amazon’s change of direction.

Hustle Life offers courses on how to become a ClickFunnels affiliate if this is something of interest to you. Unless you are an expert within the field, keep FBA as your last source of income. Alternatively, you could look into beginner articles for solo affiliates to try making money for affiliate marketing within Amazon.

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