10 Best Money Saving Apps in 2019

best money saving apps

We could all do with some help when it comes to saving money! And with smartphones becoming increasingly more popular year on year, there are some great apps that have been devised to help you with your spending and budgeting.

List of Best Money Saving Apps in 2019

UK Car Finance have compiled their list of the best money saving apps in 2019.


An app which is available for iOS and Android, Chip is perfect for money saving. Just simply connect Chip to your bank account (don’t worry, its ‘read only’ access) and then you can stash away money automatically! Chip does all the calculations for you and makes saving easy. You can also earn up to 5% interest on the money that you save!


This is an app which brings everything together! You can see all of your bank accounts, credit cards, savings and borrowings all in one place. You also get insights into your spending habits and the tools you need to change your behavior. One of their best features is their ‘find advisor’ option. This allows you to talk to a financial expert and ask for any advice you may need about managing your money. You can download it from the App Store or Google Store for 99p a month.


This is an app which has been highly praised by many, and even Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis is a huge fan of this app! Squirrel was originally designed to help your money stretch till payday and stop you running out of money. Your Squirrel account is a Barclays held account and is also fully verified by the Financial Conduct Authority for that added peace of mind! It splits your salary up into bills, savings and a weekly allowance to spend on whatever you like! You can try it for 8 weeks free before paying £9.99 a month!

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If budgeting apps aren’t your thing and you prefer to earn when you spend, then TopCashback is perfect for you! You can save money when you shop online or in store with a TopCashback account. Just simply search their site for your favorite retailer, shop with them as usual and receive cashback straight into your online account! You can then withdraw your funds into your bank account when it’s ready.


Similar to Moneyhub, Money Dashboard is ‘the UK’s best personal finance app’ and is trusted by over 200,000 users in the UK. Have all your accounts in one place including current accounts, savings accounts and credit cards. Set your budget each moth, spend less and compare your spending to previous months. It’s also free to use on iOS, Android and desktop!


One of the most interactive apps on the list, Cleo is an artificial intelligence bot who looks after your money for you. Using Facebook Messenger, Cleo enables you to budget, save and track your spending. You can ask Cleo anything like ‘what’s my balance’ or ‘how much can I spend today?’. The chatbot analyses your debit or credit card spending and then offers clear insights into your spending habits and how you need to adjust your budget to save more.


This is a great app for couples who are saving together! You can share your budget with other users such as a partner or spouse. Set aside what you need each month and plan ahead for any unexpected big expenses. You can sync your household budget across all your different devices and both users will receive notifications on spending.


Similar to TopCashback, CheckoutSmart gives you cashback when you shop! You get exclusive rewards when you shop at your favorite supermarkets. All you need to do is sign up, shop as usual, upload a picture of your receipt and then get cashback straight into your account for specific products. However, you are charged a 5% fee if you withdraw anything less than £20 so it’s worth letting your savings build up before you withdraw.

ATM Locator
How annoying is it when you are charged at a cash machine to take out your own money? With a ATM locator app, you can find all the nearest cash machines that don’t charge to take your money out! It’s also great for when you’re travelling and aren’t familiar with the area.


Whether you’re an in-store or online shopper, the mySupermarket app is great! Save money on your weekly shop by creating a shopping list of the things you need within the app and then get access to which supermarket has your products at the cheapest price! When you’re instore you can even scan the barcodes of products and get an instant result of where they are currently the cheapest!

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