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How SSL Certificates Secure Your Business

If you have decided to start your business online, then, online security cannot be ignored. One of the ideal ways to secure your business is SSL certificates is a must.

Are you aware that if cybercriminals can steal ten credit cards from each website, they can earn up to $2.2 million by making form-jacking attacks?

And Verizon says that 71% of data breaches are motivated by finance.

If you own a business website, it is only apparent that you will be handling financial transactions. Installing an SSL certificate is a great way to avert attackers from attempting to hijack your site and safeguard the information that your customers provide.

With SSL certificates, also come plenty of benefits like gaining customer trust, boosting SEO rankings, improving business reputation, and driving sales.

Let’s have a look at how SSL certificates can secure your business in this article.

Encrypt the Communication

An SSL certificate can encrypt the data that is transferred between the server and the browser. It means that your client’s credit details, login passwords, and other sensitive information will be safe.

Almost all the SSLs use a 256-bit encryption technique, which is considered unbreakable. It is used by most of the modern encryption algorithms and techs.

128-bit encryption is said to have 2128 possible vital combinations, thus rendering it unbreakable.

Authenticate your Site with the Highest form of SSL

Supposing you have installed an EV SSL Certificate on your business website, the top form of SSL Certificate, you would have undergone a strict and thorough business identity verification process.

The completion of the verification process is proof that you are the owner of the domain. It confirms that the certificate authority has legally issued the certificate.

The information concerning the verified identity will be included in the certificate. Your browser will display trust signals like green padlock and HTTPS. It will signal the visitors that your site is authentic and not malicious. Customers can click on a lock and check the certificate’s details.

Secure Multiple Domains with a Single SSL

If you own several subdomains, getting an SSL cert for each subdomain can be tough, and it will cost you a hefty amount.

Use digital certificates such as Multi-Domain certificates to secure up to a hundred different domain names and subdomains with only one certificate (depending upon the provider). It will save time and money.

Avert Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

As per IBM’s X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2018, man-in-the-middle attacks contribute 30% of total exploitations. You can avoid man-in-the-middle attacks with SSL installation.

When an MITM attack takes place, the hackers attempt to interrupt your data stream. For instance, hackers can act as a middleman and listen to communication and force information to pass through it. When it is intended to pass between your computer and the server.

Since SSL certificates encrypt data, even if the hackers can listen in on the data stream, they can’t read the encrypted data. SSLs can prevent data from being stolen and manipulated by providing security.

Avoid Phishing Scams

It is said that phishing attacks are responsible for 90% of data breaches. And phishing attacks affected 76% of in 2018.

In phishing attempts, malicious actors impersonate a company scam people into visiting a website, and ask them to enter private information into a form.

If the consumer is smart enough, he/she can notice that SSL does not secure the website. A website without an SSL will not display the green padlock or the HTTPS. Site visitors can check the SSL certificate with a click on the lock icon.

Prevent Session Hijacking

Session hijacking, also known as cookie hijacking, is the unauthorized access or stealing of a magic cookie that verifies a user to a remote server.

By installing an SSL certificate, you can prevent session hijacking. Since SSL will encrypt the data on your website login page, hackers won’t be able to crack your password. SSL is particularly vital for financial sectors and e-commerce sites to avoid session hijacking.

Make sure that your browser has switched from HTTP to HTTPS.

Also, pay attention to any certificate warnings and leverage the most up-to-date antivirus application. It would help if you too were mindful while you are using public Wi-Fi.

Avoid Scaring Your Visitors Away with Not Secure Warning

If your site is HTTP, it will display a Not Secure warning to your visitors whenever they visit a page on your website.


The warning signals that your site is not secure, that it is vulnerable to data breaches, phishing attacks, and man-in-the-middle attacks, and that the information sent to the website can be stolen and modified by hackers.

The Not Secure signal is a big turn-off for potential customers wanting to establish a business relationship with you. Please resolve this issue and attract and retain customers by installing an SSL and providing them with security.

Boost your Mobile and Cloud app security

Going mobile is the trend for business owners. And many use cloud apps as well. When it comes to securing your online business, your website should not only be your primary concern.

Use an SSL certificate to secure your mobile and cloud apps to offer a safe and unmatched customer experience. Only when your customers are happy with the services you are providing, your business will boom.


An SSL certificate is crucial for every business owner who takes their business online.

Starting from encrypting your data to deter attackers from compromising your site to preventing phishing scams and man-in-the-middle attacks or session hijacking, SSL can do it all.

SSL certificates can also gain customer trust and increase the security of your mobile and cloud apps that you use.

Whenever you get a certificate from a certificate authority, ensure that they are trusted and reputed CAs. And also determine which SSL will best suit your business type.

It is said that CAs are among the ones trusted by consumers the most at 49%. Thus, installing an SSL certificate can do wonders in building trust with your customers and taking your business forward.

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