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Shopping for Car Insurance: 6 Steps to Know

People can get an auto insurance quote by phone, online, or walking into an insurance company office. It is more accessible than ever!  No matter where you end up getting it, it is always in your best interest to shop around.

Below are some steps you can follow while shopping for Car Insurance:

1. Research

Ask friends, colleagues, and family members regarding dealings with a Massachusetts insurance agent. Check out complaints that associations, including the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and Better Business Bureau, have received for each company. You can also Google them and check on feedback from review sites.

2. Get Quotes

Check out the rates and deals that existing insurance companies offer and request actual quotes from an insurance agent. Although this can be time-consuming, this is the best way to find out what rates, coverage, or incentives are available for you. Get direct quotes from private insurers that do not use brokers by checking their websites. Some insurance companies only offer rates through their brokers, too.

Some brokers get rates from several insurance providers, while some only get quotes from one or two companies. It is always a wise move to shop with several insurance agents.

3. Get Quotations in Writing

Ensure that every quote you get has a “scope selections section” that specifies the coverage, restrictions, and premiums you need. Check the coverage preferences section carefully to make sure that everything is as you asked and that all data is accurate. Point out any errors to the insurance broker or insurance provider and request written documentation of every change.

4. Compare Quotes

While comparing quotes, remember the scope, limitations, deductibles, and promotions could have significant price implications. A slight difference in any of these aspects could make a poor quote seem decent. Know that various providers may not give the same benefits, so it can be a little challenging to compare quotes.

5. Ask for Incentives and Benefits

You might not get incentives and benefits if you do not ask. Be sure you know how much the benefits you are eligible for can impact the premium and if these incentives are in the quote you received.

6. Auto Insurance Plan

As of 1 April 2009, insurance providers are no longer obligated to offer policies for drivers actively. Remember, although one insurance provider does not want to cover you, others may also sell you insurance. Be sure to evaluate all your options.

Once an insurance firm has declined to cover you, you will qualify for protection under the Auto Insurance Plan, known as the AIP. You need to go through an insurance broker to get protection from the AIP. They will have you complete the AIP application form. The AIP would then randomly designate an insurance company to you. The premium you get from AIP might or might not be higher than the value you might have received if you shopped more.

You might not need all the extra features in your policy, like car rental protection or roadside assistance. Look into the insurance policy line-by-line and have them remove coverage that you do not need.

Excellent, cheap car coverage is out there! When you are talking of switching companies, pay attention to the provider’s customer satisfaction, and dispute settlement history. Do not get too convinced by an inexpensive premium; be sure you are going with a reputable company.

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