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Dear Readers…

Welcome to FinanceGAB.com(Personal Finance Blog). I am Ajeet Sharma, Financial Blogger in India. I’m blogging since 2017 and always excited to learn and share my methods & Idea’s to save and make money on my blog.

About FinanceGAB

Financegab is an initiative started with the objective of educating individuals in managing their financial life. Financegab aims to empower individuals in managing their own money and making the world of finance accessible to them, so that they can make right decisions for their financial future.

With the help of several indispensable principles, we guide individuals in making financial decisions. People, old and young, would no longer fall prey to financial predators. Instead, we would make them take control of their funds and their future by establishing self-control and common sense. Financegab is here to assist you in your journey to becoming financially sound, independent and secure.

Too many ambitious and intelligent individuals are losing out financially for want of proper financial knowledge. Whether you are concerned about lowering your debts, your retirement fund, your mortgage repayments, your student loans, or how to improve your return on your investment and savings. You deserve more – more money, career advancements and more opportunities to invest.

We at Financegab will provide you honest, real and practical advice which doesn’t come gift-wrapped up with financial jargon or hidden price tags.

If are you looking to know about personal finance like insurance, tax planning, investments, mutual fund, banking, loans and credit cards than you are at right place. We write about all topics we mentioned in our blog and also about other financial products.

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