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Tax Planning: Best 5 Ways to Save Tax Legally

Before alighting on some of the best ways to save tax, it is important to know if at all tax can be legally saved by a taxpayer. It is important to now that the Income Tax Act of India does allow a salaried person to acquire some deductions on the total amount of tax he or

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5 Money Saving Tips for the Newly Married Couples

For those newly married people, life becomes a celebration every day. As the couple is settled into a new lifestyle, they become committed to financial planning for their future. When looking for different ways to save money, they consider putting their money in insurance or other saving instruments to avail tax savings benefit.

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Tax Planning: Top 7 Ways to Save Tax in 2018-19

It is that time of the year when your accountant is your dearest friend in the world. Yes, the financial year is round the corner. The smartest people have already set their previous financial straight so that the tax process is effortless.

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Money Saving Tips – 5 Easy Ways to Save Money

We all start to sweat at the mention of taxes! Taxation is quite an insightful subject as a number of people feel the pain while paying the taxes. Each one of us wonders on how to save tax, as parting with an extensive amount of your hard-earned greens can really be a very painful experience.

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Avoiding the Stress of Tax Season

No matter how many years pass and how old each of us gets, there is one thing that never changes about us human beings. By nature, we love to procrastinate. We were all in school at one time in our lives. Think back to getting assigned that massive end-of-year project or that 10-page paper. The moment

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Tax Saving Tips for Property Buyers

Indian people are often very fond of buying gold as well as real estate. While investing in gold is less taxing, investing in property is not as there can be a huge tax for house owners to pay at the time of both buying and selling property. There are of course well known ways to

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