4 Things Every Cryptocurrency Investor Should Watch Closely

Cryptocurrency investment is a very tricky subject, but one that increasingly demands attention. With several prominent cryptocurrencies having established formidable value in the past year and-a-half, everyone from financial experts to young amateurs seems to be considering buying in.

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Why is P2P Lending a Smart Investment Option?

Stock prices have been fluctuating drastically, bullish one day and bearish on the other. Bonds also fluctuate without offering any hint. Mutual funds and SIPs come with the pro-longed lock-in periods. The interest rates offered by the banks, particularly for short-term tenure, have very little to offer in terms of the valuable gains.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Investing in Physical Gold and Silver to Secures Your Future

Are you interested in growing your wealth? Would you like to secure your future? Is diversifying your investment portfolio a priority for you? When you want your wealth to thrive and secure a glowing future, then it is time to invest in precious metals like gold and silver.

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What is a Hedge Fund & Why Should You Invest in One?

Hedge funds are an investment that uses pooled funds and various strategies on how to maximize the return. Hedge funds are known for being an aggressive investment strategy with active managers working to leverage both domestic and international hot markets. The regulations by the SEC that cover hedge funds are the biggest part

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7 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

Have you promised yourself to do better with money this year? Well, 2018 is when your financial dreams come true, as we look into the seven ways to make more money. Our article will go through many methods to increase income, including some sneaky best ways to save tax in India.

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What Is the Current Price of Gold Today and Should I Invest?

Investing in precious metals has been a popular concept since historical times. It has earned quite a lot of credit too. Among all other precious metals, investing in gold is the most superior of all investments. Buying gold proves to be a hedge or harbor against the times of political unrest. Or at the times

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