life insurance low risk cover

Best Things to Avoid Life Insurance Low Risk Coverage

Let’s start with this great investment idea where you have to invest Rs. 25,000 monthly for the next 20 years and from the 21st year onwards, you’ll get Rs. 64,000 per month

life insurance premium

6 Tips You Should Follow Before Paying Life Insurance Premium

Having a life insurance plan is very important in today’s time. Well, the major concern for most of the people while buying the life insurance policy is premium amount and payment of

life insurance assignment

Assignment under Life Insurance

Insurance is a type of a contract between the policy holder and the insurance company. Under which the bond known as a certificate contains the details of the benefits, sum assured and

claim rejection

Reasons to Avoid Rejection of the Claim Issues

Life insurance policy gives protection against your life. You should buy the most appropriate policy so that your insurance needs will be fulfilled in the best possible way. It is very much

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How to Save Money on Personal Finance

Most people are under the false impression that you need money to make money. If this was true, then there certainly wouldn’t be any wealthy individuals other than those few who were lucky enough to be born in a rich family. There are plenty of billionaires out there who started with nothing. Jan Koum, the co-founder of WhatsApp, Kenny Trout the founder of Excel Communications, Shahid Khan the owner of Flex-N-Gate is just a few of the many examples of billionaires that started out with absolutely nothing.


How to Save Money When You’re Freelancing

how to save money

Freelancing comes with plenty of perks, including the chance to set your own schedule and work on the projects that really inspire you. However, there are also some downsides. Irregular income is one of the main issues that freelancers face. It’s not uncommon for freelancers to experience busy periods followed by a period of little to no work. For this reason, saving money as a freelancer can be more of a challenge.


Long Term Investment – What Fees Are There?

long term investment

With longer term investments there are fees on buying, or selling, or both. With cash investments there are usually no fees involved in putting assets in money form. Thus the whole of the investment is working for you from the date of deposit. Any investment with entry or exit fees should be considered as medium to long term.



5 Reasons to Budget your Money

Budget your Money

We have all once hated managing or finance and spending hours on planning out our budgets. To everyone trying to opt this path but hate to be someone like us, keep in mind the people who budget their finances leads a better life. In the current turbulent, financial planning is more important than ever. We may be more aware customers than our parents ever were but the companies are getting wiser too.



Best 5 Common Excuses for Not Saving Money!

On any personal finance advising blogs, you will largely hear only about long term investment plans- and rightly so, long term investment plans are a necessity and the options you have while going for long term investments are immense. however, despite all the benefits, there are a small group of people who have found more success with short term investment plans rather than long term plans. To be an intelligent investor means you do a mix of short term and long term tax saving investments in your lifetime.


Know about Land Investment

Land Investment

Real estate properties are one of the better investment options available to any investor. The only reason they are not as popular as stocks is – they require a lot of investment, which many people cannot afford. Real estate prices increase annually, and this annual increase in price gets compounded. Effectively, the price of a Real Estate property would increase manifold in 20 years.



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