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Option Chain Strategy Mode: Simple and Hassle-Free Trade Execution

Trading has always been thought to be a complex process. With multiple interfaces, lack of good charting options, unreliable data, and so on, trading is often seen as difficult.

With such complexities, trading not only seems to be confusing but also time-consuming. The lack of strong functionalities can disrupt the pace of options traders, who need fast data and accurate charts.

Taking traders’ dilemmas into consideration, Upstox has recently come up with their updated browser trading platform, Pro Web 3.0.

Upstox one of the fastest-growing broking firms in India, offers access to equity markets at a competitive price. It allows traders to trade on different types of segments like commodities, derivatives, equity, currency, and futures and options.

Trading through Upstox is a straightforward process. By using its recently upgraded Pro Web 3.0 trading platform, you can buy/sell and analyze the securities effortlessly.

About Upstox Pro Web 3.0

Based on customers’ needs and feedback, Upstox has recently upgraded its trading platform and developed the new HTML web-based trading platform Pro Web 3.0. Its powerful tools and features will help traders to make quick, well-informed, and accurate trades.

The web page is pretty lightweight, incorporated with advanced features that allow you to trade on various segments at lightning speed from your home.

This updated version is faster, better, and highly customer-centric, and one of the first platforms in the brokerage space to recreate the option trade strategy execution in a simpler and hassle-free experience.

Pro Web 3.0’s Highlights Include

  • Stunning charting tools. Traders now have an option to customize their charts and select from one of the two charting libraries viz., ChartIQ and TradingView.com
  • A beautifully crafted, user-friendly interface
  • A one-click trade option that allows users to buy and sell orders quickly in highly volatile markets. This is vital for options trading, as market conditions can fluctuate and quick, decisive actions are necessary.

To enhance the user-experience, Upstox has reworked its trading platform and integrated some new advanced features. One of the most effective and useful features of this trading platform is the Option Chain with Strategy Mode.

Option Chain with Strategy Mode

Upstox Pro Web 3.0 has come with an exciting feature; the Option Chain with strategy mode. The functionality of this feature helps a trader select multiple contracts and allows them to place those contracts on one click. Along with that, you can add or reduce the quantity of the contracts effortlessly. This feature is available at the right-hand side of the order entry bar.

Traditionally, traders were able to select and place only one contract at a time which was a very time-consuming process. Now by using the option chain with strategy mode feature, you can select multiple contracts and add or reduce the quantity before placing the orders effortlessly.

In a highly volatile market, a trader has to make a quick decision and place the orders at lightning speed. Generally, if traders want to buy/sell multiple contracts, it is very difficult for them to do these things spontaneously. But thanks to Upstox, Pro Web 3.0 is incorporated with option chain with strategy mode that allows traders to choose up to 4 orders and place the order at one click.

You can also see this feature on other trading platforms. But, the thing that makes Upstox Pro Web 3.0 stand out is the user-friendly interface, altering multiple contracts through one-click while placing orders, and most importantly, real-time market prices.

Features of Pro Web 3.0

The other new and advanced trading features of Pro Web 3.0 include:

Two Chart Libraries

Pro Web 3.0 has come with customized multiple charting options. It allows traders to customize the charts as they want, view them in new tabs, and the Stochastics RSI indicator helps boost the analysis. Upstox Pro Web 3.0 also gives you the flexibility to view the chart from ChartIQ and Tradingviewdotcom.

Modifications of the Bracket Orders

Traditionally, after placing a bracket order, traders had to navigate from the huge hassle of modifying the stop loss. Now with the help of Upstox Pro Web 3.0 platform, traders are free to modify the orders all in one place at one time by accessing the position tab.

Pin Stock to your Watch List

As the name suggests, this feature allows you to pin your favorite stock on your screen, and keep tracking it round the clock.

View Recent Payment History

It is very difficult for the traders to keep systematic transfer records of funds from bank account to trading account. With Upstox Pro Web 3.0, you can see your most recent 10 funds deposit/withdrawal history at one click.

Toggle View in Watchlist

It is one of the most amazing features of the Upstox Pro Web 3.0. With this feature, traders can switch from volume to prices by simply clicking on the toggle option.

View your Orders and Portfolio History Along with Scrip Details

Traders have a habit of switching from scrip details to portfolio history. Upstox Pro Web 3.0 has now made this process very easy. By clicking on the toggle button, you can view the orders, portfolio history, and scrip details on one page.

Send Feedback Button

To improve the users’ experience, Pro Web 3.0 has removed the communication roadblocks by installing a “send feedback” button.


In the end, this needs to be understood that in order to enhance the users’ experience, Upstox has majorly focused on technology. This point reflects that Upstox Pro Web 3.0 is one such positive attempt that makes it easier for the traders to analyze, customize, verify the orders and help them make spontaneous decisions when the market swings up and down quickly.

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