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Make Some Extra Cash While Quarantined by Trading from Home

Trading from home can be an excellent way to make money during the quarantine. You have extra time available and are looking for ways to keep your income coming in. If that sounds like you, then you might be interested in becoming a day trader.

What is a day trader and what do they do? Here is everything that you are going to need to know!

What Exactly is a Day Trader?

This type of trader typically buys and sells their stocks over a day, giving them their name. Most people view it as a job and will spend the whole day working on their trades and trying to turn a good profit.

Day trading is most common in the forex marketplace and requires knowledge of the system and the ability to anticipate changes. If you want to make money from your computer at home, all you need is a good balance you do not mind risking and a strong internet connection to get started.

Swing Trading

Another popular type of trading that you can try at home is swing trading. Not everyone has success with day trading, so this variant can be a better choice to make money from home for some.

Swing trading involves following price movements for a couple of days, then selling when they hit a peak. You will want to buy stocks that seem like they are priced a little too low so that when their worth is realized you can sell for a profit.

How to Develop Your Strategy

If you want to trade from home, you are going to need to form a strategy to see success. Having a plan can help you make logical decisions and not ones based on fear or worries. You can think of this as setting strict rules for yourself.

For example, you would not want to have more than 5% of your trading capital in any one trade. That way, you can reduce your risks and increase rewards.

You are also going to want to consider current events. This is known as fundamental analysis, which can include the market’s reaction to wars- or the current health pandemic. On the other hand, the technical analysis includes studying the stock market charts and watching for potential peaks.

To be successful, you will need to combine both in your strategy.

Beginners, Try AI

The learning curve with trading can be difficult for many beginners to overcome. But, what if I told you that there was a way to get past these barriers easily?

Technology can help you. There are many programs out there now that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to track the market. For example, a stock screener is a tool that can sort through thousands of stock options for you. They can track the history of trades and notify you when you should sell.

The software can take a lot of the guesswork out for beginners and make the learning process easier- all while reducing the risk behind trading. If you want to start as soon as possible, I would recommend checking out some automated brokers to give yourself an edge over the competition.


There is a lot of appeal in online trading- you get to work when you want to, make as much money as you need to, and can work from anywhere. There is a ton of freedom in becoming an online trader.

If you are interested, why not start during the lockdown? You can earn a profit and stay safe at home. Plus, you have the extra time needed available, at least until the quarantine is over in your area.

Skylar Hammond
Skylar Hammond is a writer for True Traderwho specializes in topics such as stock trading, personal finance, and forex. He focuses on helping beginners and experts alike learn more about the market and improve their trading skills.


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