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How Will You Submit Tax Return Online?

Income Tax return is a legal procedure, failing to submit which can lead to legal consequences. Submitting income tax return has become quite easy as individuals can themselves file for income tax return by the online mode without any help from anyone by following simple guidelines. You can even get receipt scanners now which help you to keep track of your manual expenditure, so it’s far more manageable than it used to be. Check out the best receipt scanners here to see how they could make your life a lot easier.

Hence, you can easily submit tax return online by following the steps mentioned below:

Procedure for Uploading ITR

  1. At first, the ITR preparation software is to be downloaded from the income tax payment site for the particular assessment year.
  2. Before going for the actual filing process, you must gather the required information related to your income, deduction of tax payments etc.
  3. You should then select the pre-fill button and see to the fact that all the necessary details have been provided.
  4. After you have provided all the required data, you should click on the calculate option and find out the total amount of return.
  5. Next, you should generate and save the data of the income tax return in XML format.
  6. You should then log in to the e-filing website with your user id which is your PAN, password, date of birth, date of incorporation etc.
  7. You should then select the e-file option and choose the upload return option.
  8. The correct assessment year, ITR and the saved XML file should then be selected.
  9. Next, your digital signature certificate should be uploaded and the submit button should be clicked on.
  10. If you have submitted the return successfully, there will be a display of ITR-V. You then need to download the ITR-V after which it will be sent to the registered mail id. If the digital signature certificate is uploaded, then the income tax return filing will be completed, and this is how you can submit tax return online.

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Preparation and Submission of ITR Online

In order to submit tax return online, these following steps need to be considered: –

  1. You have to login to the income tax filling website with your user id, password, date of birth and date of incorporation.
  2. Next, you have to select the e-file option and click on the �Prepare and submit ITR online �option.
  3. After that, you need to do the following selections- Income tax return form ITR 1, ITR 4S, and he particular Assessment Year.
  4. After all the necessary details have been provided and the required documents are furnished, your work is almost done when you click on the submit button.
  5. If you upload the digital signature certificate, if it is applicable in your case, it will be quite easier for you to track the status of your income tax return. But you should make it clear that the digital signature certificate is properly registered to the e-filing site.
  6. The submit button should finally be selected.
  7. If your submission is successful, the ITR-V will be displayed on the computer. Then you can download the ITR-V which will be sent to your registered email id. If the ITR is uploaded along with the digital signature certificate, then your filing process is 100 % complete.
  8. If the digital signature certificate is not uploaded along with ITR-V, the process might not be completed yet. In such a case the ITR-V should be again downloaded and sent to the processing center in Bengaluru within 4 months from the date of your income tax filing. Your request will only be processed only when the processing center receives the receipt of the ITR-V duly signed.

Thus, you can submit tax return online all by yourself by following some simple steps which are discussed above.


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