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Check the Return of Public Provident Fund!

Public Provident fund is the most widely used medium for saving money for a long term. It is known for its stable returns and is completely safe. The PPF is supported by the Indian government and gives unparalleled tax benefits to the investors. before you learn to calculate the PPF using the PPF calculator – It is important to exactly learn about the PPF.

What is Public Provident Fund?

The Public Provident Fund system was started in 1968 by the National Saving Institute of the Ministry of Finance (Under Supervision of the Central Government). The goal was to encourage savings by offering tax benefit.

Before You Use the PPF Calculator – Key Facts About the PPF

Using the PPF calculator online can solve your problems and help you check every detail related to your funds. However, before you calculate the PPF details, it is important to consider the following facts-

  • PPF attracts a high rate of interest of 7.8 percent annually from July 2017 onwards. The PPF calculator 2017 will help you calculate the exact interest on your amount.
  • The duration of PPF is 15 years.
  • Your PPF account is governed by a set of PPF rules. You can make a minimum deposit of Rupees 500 and a maximum deposit of Rupees 1,50,000.
  • You can partially withdraw the amount from the sixth year.
  • The interest earned including the final amount is fully exempted from wealth tax.

What is a PPF Calculator?

The online calculator is one of the most advanced only financial tools that can calculate details about your PPF using relevant details. The tool is designed to calculate the amount of interest earned and determine the final amount after maturity,

How Does the Calculator Work?

The online financial tool is available on the internet, and several banks also give you the provision of calculating your PPF online. PPF account holders can check the details by using the online calculator in the following ways-

  • Visit the online website that offers the provision for calculating your PPF.
  • The calculation is done on the basis of the details provided by the individual, ensure that the accurate details are available.
  • There are two types of deposits namely – fixed and variable. You are required to choose the type of deposit and enter the amount deposited every year.
  • The financial tool offers great benefits for account holders who prefer variable payment options. In other words, if your deposit varies every year then you can enter your variable amount deposited each year and get an estimation of the final maturity amount.
  • The interest rate varies depending on the financial year. The online tool assumes that the deposit is made at the beginning of April and the interest is calculated on the prevailing market rates for that particular financial year.
  • Some PPF calculators also have the option that helps you predict the interest rates in the future years.
  • You need to enter the year in which you opened the PPF account.
  • You also need to enter the total number of years or the maturity duration. This will enable the tool to exactly determine your maturity amount.

Note –

Established banks also offer the tool for calculating your PPF online.

Example-  PPF SBI

What Are the Benefits of Online PPF Calculators?

The online financial tools offer a wide range of benefits, some of which are listed below-

  • You don’t have to download a software or a mobile application. The online tool can be accessed by easily navigating to the websites, and they don’t occupy storage space.
  • By providing the exact details, you can the most accurate calculations free of cost.
  • The online calculators are automated, and the calculations are performed by considering the latest interest rates.
  • Using online PPF calculators ensures that the error is minimized due to lack of human involvement.
  • The calculators give you an option of calculating the interest based on your investment patterns. In other words, the complicated variable yearly investments can be calculated with ease by entering relevant details.
  • They give you the liberty to carry out advanced online calculations through multiple calculation modes, like fixed yearly amount, fixed monthly amount, variable yearly amount, variable monthly amount. It adds flexibility and convenience to the PPF account holders.
  • The online calculators provide the option of calculating beyond the lock in period. In other words, the general period of maturity for most PPF accounts is 15 years, but if there is an extension, the period can be extended up to, 20, 25 or 30 years. In this case, the PPF online calculators can seamlessly estimate your maturity amount with interest earned.


PPF is one of the safest and the best investment that promotes savings with an attractive rate of interest. A clear majority of the population in India have their PPF accounts. However, calculating your PPF interest and knowing the exact maturity amount can be a tough task.

Visiting banks or requesting officers to know your details can be a lengthy and time-consuming task. Thus, the PPF calculators have evolved in the digital India and provide a wide range of benefits and options to the account holders. They are safe accurate and provide flexibility with added convenience.

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