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Avoiding the Stress of Tax Season

No matter how many years pass and how old each of us gets, there is one thing that never changes about us human beings. By nature, we love to procrastinate. We were all in school at one time in our lives. Think back to getting assigned that massive end-of-year project or that 10-page paper.

The moment the teacher assigns the class, it is immediately put in the back of the student’s minds. As humans, we try and sell ourselves on how far away things are. We tell ourselves that the day is a long ways away and for that reason, we will put it off and start it at a later date.

Typically the date approaches much faster than anyone in the class could have ever imagined. Before long the date for the paper or the project is less than a week away. At this point, there are only a handful of students that have even started the project, let along completed it.

Still as near as that deadline is, we find stories to tell ourselves as to why we don’t have time to begin working on it. We continue to put off the project until the very day before it is actually due. After coming up with hundreds of ideas as to how we can skip school and therefore give ourselves more time, we finally buckle down and knock the entire project out in one day.

During that day, whether the project is the cliche science fair volcano experiment, or a presentation on how to hire a CFO, we swear up and down that we will never wait that long to start ever such a task ever again. The pain is great enough that we make a commitment right there that the next time something of this magnitude is assigned we will jump on it immediately.

You Can’t Fake Preparation

The day of the presentation or grading finally comes. We cross our fingers and pray with all the energy in our heart that a miracle will happen. We plead with the forces of the universe to let the grader have compassion on us just this one time and to please let us a get a decent grade.

More often than not, this does not happen. It is impossible to fake preparation. What we easily forget is that the teacher has been doing this for years. The teacher has seen the best of the best and worst of the worst. The teacher knows that you’ve procrastinated and thrown something together last minute.

Tax Preparation

We wish you could somehow know how many times we see this exact same thing happen with grown adults and their taxes. We know just as the teacher and every other online accounting firm know when people have put off doing their tax preparation.

When someone walks into our office with a stack of papers and notes a mile high, looking flustered, we know exactly what is happening. At that point, no online accounting service or online cpa services can help you. However, if you have not got that point yet, you can utilize some efficient tax preparation software from companies like TurboTax, and save money by using TurboTax promo codes to help you get your finances sorted out.

Accounting Questions to Ask

Another dead giveaway that someone has procrastinated their bookkeeping, for example, is when someone has no idea what accounting questions to ask. Sometimes its worth looking around for a good accountant that you can both trust and can work alongside. Asking for help doesn’t mean you don’t know what you’re doing. But if you have left something like dealing with your finances to the last minute and feel like it would be too much to do on your own, looking to use the assistance of specialists such as an Oregon City bookkeeper Ross Loveland company could be the answer you’re looking for. When people walk into our office looking completely dumbfounded, it tells us the entire story. For more info on this topic, our article on tax season organization goes more in depth.

The mystery behind the entire procrastination is that it’s the same people that make the same mistake year in and year out. It’s sad because these same entrepreneurs always want to know how to be a better business owner, but they don’t take the time to do the little things right.

Avoiding the stress of tax season is simple. It’s the same way to avoid the stress of homework or taking a test. You simply cannot procrastinate. Make a commitment if you haven’t already to get caught up on your books, stay ahead of your finances, and finish this year stronger than ever!

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