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How To Generate the Best ROI from Your Property?

The real estate property market is one of the fastest-growing businesses globally. Experts in the field are projecting that this sector is bound to grow significantly as the need to own a home, building rentals, and upgrade your home or rentals continues to grow significantly.

Whether you’re a first-time real property investor or you’ve been in the business for some time now, gaining good returns from your investment should be the ultimate goal.

However, not everyone who invests in the real property ends up getting the kind of returns they initially thought of. This could be attributed to the lack of proper understanding of the real property market, especially on how to be strategic as you plan your investment.

To avoid such mistakes, you can partner with a real property company, such as, which can help you buy, sell, manage, and value your property, as well as give you market reports that are important for your real property investment.

In this article, you’ll learn several strategies that you can use to get optimum returns on investment (ROI) for your property:

1. Buy The Right Pricing

If you intend to gain good returns for your property, ensure that you buy it at the right price, in consideration of the purpose of the property. You might be wanting to fix and flip the home or rent it for a long time. What you gain at the end depends on the buying price, the cost of the repairs, and operational holding costs. Ensure that you spend with a good knowledge of the prevailing market price because if you spend a lot of money on the property, your returns may dip.

Avoid being misled in the bidding process, being too excited about owning a property, giving more than it’s worth, or spending too much in rehabilitating it, especially when you’re in a very competitive market.

2. Ensure Good Tenant Experience

Your number one priority is the experience that your tenant will have because, if they enjoy using your property, you can be assured of a long-time occupancy. Experts in real property advise that an excellent experience in your rentals can increase your returns from your property investment. Good tenant experience involves delivering high-quality housing to the people who need to rent your property. Apart from this turning you into a good landlord, it levels up the success rate of your ROI.

Project what your tenants may need before you start constructing your property, and let it be done with the industry standards to avoid too many maintenance requests. If your tenants end up loving living in your property, they may even end up taking care of little maintenance costs without bothering you. A tenant who treats your property like they own it is what you need. Even though they may request repairs when they don’t understand what they should do, in many cases, the requests are minimal.

A good tenant experience can also be given through prompt response. This can be demonstrated by how you get back to them the moment they express interest in your property.

3. Market Your Property Well

Good marketing can also scale up your ROI. This depends on the number and also the quality of applications you’ll receive. Several listing companies attract quality clients who are willing to pay a good amount of money for your property. You can list your property on their websites, which allows your property to get good exposure.

4. Avoid Tenant Turnover

Cultivate good communication between you and your tenant. You may also give your tenants incentives because of taking care of your property and paying their rent on time. Moreover, ensure that you do proper screening of the tenant before you allow them to start staying in your property.

A proper screening would include a check on their credit, income verification and employment, criminal background check, rental history, eviction history, and reference check. The intention here is for you to be cautious and be safe rather than have later regrets.

5. Undertake Professional Property Management

After purchasing your property, the next phase is to ensure that it’s well-maintained. Poor managerial skills may cost you in the long run. Ensure that you keep in check your contractors, property managers, and attorneys to avoid delays in the completion of the building work, increased rental vacancies, and tenant turnover, all of which negatively affect your ROI. Stalled building projects may increase the expenses as building materials may appreciate with time, thus, raising the building cost of your property. Ensure that your contractor delivers the property at the agreed time.

If you’re busy and you can’t get the time to supervise the building of the property, you can hire the services of a professional manager and buy management software. That way, the project may be finished at the proper time, plus this will also ensure quality during building. It may be quite pricey to hire such services, but it’ll be cost-effective, especially in the long run, as you have to do a series of rental projects.

6. Charge Fairly More For Rent

If you’ve committed to giving a good tenant experience, and your tenants are happy with your rental property, it’s easy for you to charge a bit more for your property. Your tenants may also be good ambassadors for your properties to their relatives or friends, which may bring in more tenants to your property. This will give you a smooth transition and bring down vacancy rates.

When you’re increasing your rent, ensure that you’re within the prevailing market prices so that your tenants don’t vacate your rentals in search of other property. If your state allows landlords to charge administrative fees, you can do so with the guidelines of legal law within your area. You can do this when it comes to apartments, whereby you can charge a monthly administrative fee or a one-time setup fee for the costs of services you provide to your tenants.

For instance, you may be having a platform that allows your tenants to ask for maintenance or pay rent online, which is convenient to them. You can charge for this service as it contributes to a good customer experience.


As a landlord, your main focus should be increasing the amount of income that your property fetches. However, a good income will result from satisfied tenants. For a tenant to pay what you’re asking for, they’ll need to see value for their money. Thus, deliver quality property and manage it professionally.

You may need a manager for your property, especially if you’ve got multiple properties. The person you hire needs a good knowledge of the property market. Screen your tenants well to avoid future struggles with them and ensure that the overall tenant experience is at its best. You can also learn more strategies for growing your ROI by reading more resources online.

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