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Boost Value of Your House with These Remodeling Trends

Our homes are our havens. Our homes are where we spend most of our spare time and where many of us now spend most of our work time. With work-from-home jobs at a higher rate than ever, as well as online schooling, we spend far more time at home than ever.

Because of this, homeowners and new homebuyers want renovations that value space and usefulness over aesthetics.

Many home improvement trends come and go, but some will increase the value of your property more than others. After all, not all home improvements are created equal. Homes are, more than ever, our safe havens, and they must be as functional as possible for day-to-day living.

This is especially true for people planning to renovate or buy or sell a home. While homeowners and sellers are eager to renovate their space to increase their property’s value, purchasers are looking for a home that can meet their work-from-home requirements.

When you sell your home with the best realtors at Harvey Kalles, you can save yourself a vast amount of work, complications, and headaches by working with experts, allowing you to focus on your house hunting and moving.

Consider these home trends to make your home more desirable to you and future purchasers.

1. Restore the Existing

The common approach to home renovations these days is less “out with the old, in with the new” and more “repair the old, and make it look like new.” Modern-inspired renovations used to be popular, but today the emphasis is on restoration.

Before you pull out and replace your entire floor, one of the greatest home remodeling ideas is to consider your options between restoration and renovation. Original and historical elements can be a terrific selling asset for a home, but only if they are functional and not in disrepair. After all, returning your floor to its former splendor with some buffering and a coat of finish can be a less expensive and more tempting option than a full overall.

This also applies to other restoration projects such as power washing exterior brickwork, restoring crown molding, and polishing ancient brass hardware such as doorknobs and light switches. You’ll save time and money, plus you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of your “new” pieces being a part of the home’s history.

All of this is to say there is a narrow line between refinishing and entirely re-doing features.

The ideal method is to begin working with contractors to determine which outdated elements can be improved and which may jeopardize the structural stability of your property.

Now that we know remote work is here to stay, homeowners realize that their kitchen workplace is no longer adequate, and there is a strong desire for in-home renovation trends to include a dedicated work area.

2. Landscaping

One of the best home improvements you can make is outside the house. Gardening can boost the value of your property by over 30%. This means plants such as trees, shrubs, and flowers can all increase the value of your property.

Landscaping not only provides exterior beauty to your property, but it may also give privacy and noise reduction. Planting trees in your yard, deck, and house can provide shade and potentially increase your energy efficiency. Avoid becoming overly elaborate with your horticultural plans. Instead, focus on easy-to-maintain vegetation. Not everyone has a green thumb, and potential purchasers may find inheriting a potential jungle scary. Before embarking on any major landscaping project, keep the Law of Nuisance in mind.

With continually shifting social norms and safety procedures, we all gravitated towards outdoor gatherings. According to reports, 85% of experts believe homeowners are more inclined to invest in outdoor living spaces now than they were before the outbreak. Unsurprisingly, an outdoor living room has been one of the biggest backyard landscaping designs in recent years.

3. The Future is Now

Smart appliances are no longer a piece of science fiction; they have become a popular trend in the property market. We value convenience in today’s world, and with smart appliances, you can control anything in your home with the touch of a finger or the sound of a voice command.

Smart appliances can be utilized for everything from basic services such as your home’s lighting and HVAC systems to more specialized tasks such as making your morning coffee, scheduling your vacuum, and notifying you when your laundry is finished.

Smart devices also add a layer of protection to a home, with many allowing for remote home surveillance and lock controls, as well as receiving warnings when a smoke alarm goes off.

This type of convenience is appealing to many home buyers and safety-conscious families, and it can raise the value of your property by 3-5%. Just be careful not to overcomplicate things while following this home renovation trend since you don’t want to turn off less tech-savvy house buyers. Keep things simple, streamlined, and efficient to ensure you are getting the most out of your home and its technologies.

4. Creating Possibilities

Consider the mood of a room when renovating and avoid over-renovation and constructing rooms with very particular goals. Avoid it even more if it involves losing a bedroom or a bathroom, both of which add value to a home. It’s best to let purchasers determine what to do with a room by making it open, neutral, and full of possibilities. We advocate future-proofing your property and designing rooms that encourage rather than hinder a prospective new owner’s inventiveness.

The ability to cook, party, and even work from our backyards is an excellent way to raise the value of our homes. Depending on the enclosure, these spaces can also be used for exercise, meditation, or specialized play areas.

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