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Are You Looking to Buy A House in Ajax

Ajax; the patch of Ontarian land with abundant, rich farmlands and a rustic feel is the first city that comes to mind when thinking of the Durham region. Ajax is a hallmark of a burgeoning metropolitan haven. It has so much to offer with its attractive developments.

There are several stunning properties perched along its perimeter. This is why since 2020 the average house prices in Ajax have boosted by 8% and the interest of buyers continues to increase.

If you are looking to buy a house in Ajax; like every other buyer, you must have certain queries and doubts about it since buying a home is a significant milestone for most of us.

Here we have collated information that will answer most of your queries and give you a fair idea of life at Ajax and whether you should go for it!

1. Financial Aspects

When buying a house; finances are most important. You need to have a fair idea about the costs that will be involved so you prepare your funds accordingly. The housing prices in Ajax are way more attractive than those in Toronto.

For instance, a detached three-bedroom house in Ajax costs roughly $671,000, A four-bedroom house costs $910,000 on average, and so on. Additional to affordable prices, Ajax offers an enhanced quality of life, which is attracting many buyers.

Next to home prices are the taxes involved. The rate of property tax in Ajax is 1.069755 % and is based on the home’s value.

Land transfer costs differ from home to home; so, you need to conduct thorough research about the same.

2. Bidding Wars

A low supply of homes and high demand has now given way to bidding wars amongst potential buyers. Post-Covid 19, many homes have been taken off the listing, which dropped from over 300 homes to around 100. Therefore, the realty market is very competitive and conducive to bidding wars; winning is easy if you have a pre-approved mortgage and strong financial establishments.

3. Best Neighborhoods in Ajax

Ajax extends to an area of 67.09 km². There are several places to reside in Ajax. However, some neighborhoods like Pickering Beach, South Ajax, and Central Ajax stand above the rest.

  • Pickering Beach: A neighborhood brimming with style and panache and giving the residents a classy lifestyle. Pickering Beach has a pleasing architectural contrast as it boasts of cottages and modern homes. This neighborhood offers exceptional vistas as well. It is believed to be a neighborhood of the elite and is specifically for residents who can afford higher costs of living.
  • South Ajax: It offers the perfect blend of aesthetics and convenience. It is ideal for families since the community is friendly. Townhouses are the most preferred option here. South Ajax also has a robust transportation infrastructure that fosters relaxing trips.
  • Central Ajax: If you are a young person with a small budget trying to relocate; Central Ajax is your spot! The homes here have a cottage country vibe. The community is warm and welcoming, allowing easy settling down and offering a promising start.

4. Finding Dream Home

Now that you know the average prices of houses in Ajax and the neighborhoods to prefer; you can begin the venture of finding your dream house. The house you choose should meet your needs and fit your budget. Ajax has a booming realty market today and finding the most relevant house can get really tricky with a multiplicity of options.

Realtors or realty services can always be approached to carry out a smooth home-buying process. They can guide you with the ongoing market prices, keep you updated with recent listings, plan your home visits, help with inspections, negotiate, and so on.

You can of course go solo and hunt for your dream house; but why put in extra effort and pull up risks when you have an easy way out?  

5. Demographics in Ajax

If you are a foreigner; demographics certainly matter a lot to you. Ajax is believed to be welcoming to immigrants who are seeking opportunities. Around 40% of the population in Ajax is non-Canadian. Ajax is culturally diverse and is now home to Asians and steadily growing Jamaican and Sri Lankan communities.

6. Transit from Ajax

Over the years, the commute in Ajax has developed by leaps and bounds since tons of people travel for work. The Ajax Go which is situated on Westney Road allows easy travel to the downtown core and is convenient for residents with jobs further east. The ones traveling north face negligible traffic and enjoy relatively quiet roads during the morning and night. Inter-city travel is even smoother with the Durham Regional Transit; the intricate and well-serviced system connecting neighborhoods along Ajax’s north, east, west, and south regions.

Ajax has something to offer for every home buyer from lakefront properties to gorgeous cottages. There are numerous recreational options satisfying your tastes and ample employment opportunities. Just like every other family prioritizing a city; Ajax provides a hospitable small-town vibe and comfort that makes you feel you are finally home!

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