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8 Apartment Safety Tips For Renters

If you have ever rented an apartment, your primary concern may have been whether the apartment itself is secure enough for you to live in. But how many times have you tried to ensure your security in it instead? Well, that is as important as anything else, and that is why we do not want you to miss out on it.

This article lists some essential apartment safety tips for renters that will help you drastically.

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1. All Windows Are Closed And The Locks Work

Easy access to your home could be attractive to potential robbers and can lead to serious issues.

Many times, rented apartments also do not have enough grills on the windows to bar people from entering the apartment — this is often due to apartment fire safety rules.

Unfortunately, because of this, theft and robbery are potential risks. If you do not want to allow that, it is best to keep your windows closed when you are not around.

Apart from this, it also becomes significant to ensure that the door locks work. So, you can prevent any problem without any worries. This is especially crucial for women who are apartment renters. If your lock has any defect or window locks do not work, call upon your rent owner and ask them to fix the problem instead of taking it lightly.

2. Lock Up After Yourself

Once you enter your apartment, make sure it is locked up properly. This also helps avoid several types of crimes like rape and kidnapping. Locking up after you are home may also ensure that your privacy is intact and promises utmost security. If you do not have a habit of doing this, set a reminder on your phone that will help you remember to do that. We promise; it always works.

Make sure that whoever wants to enter your apartment first rings the bell and asks for your permission. You can also ask your apartment owner to help you create a peephole on your door through which it will be easy for you to keep an eye on people who wish to come in.

3. Be Mindful Of Common Zones

Many apartments have good facilities today like swimming, storage space, and even a gym. While that is excellent news, it may also come with a few sets of risks for you.

If you do not watch out for your belongings, these places can soon turn into the worst sites for theft and robbery. That is why you need to be mindful of keeping your phone, credit card, cash, and other belongings safe when you are here.

Even while traveling, it is best to keep your valuables safe and be cautious of protecting them. Smart wallets can be a fantastic solution for this too.

4. Security Cameras In The Parking Area

Generally, parking areas are the quietest, so they are the worst places for a crime. If you do not know enough people in your apartment, you might want to rely on security cameras to ensure you are safe.

These security cameras record the area 24/7, and your apartment owner might be able to see who is coming and going from within the apartment. As such, if anyone tries to misbehave or irritate you in any way that makes you feel unsafe, the apartment owner will only be one step away.

5. Find Good Lighting And Be There

Places with good lighting in your apartment are not only great for providing you with an exceptional experience, but it also helps you to feel safer.

Under illumination, you are visible to more people. As such, anyone who wants to make you feel unsafe is less likely to do it in the presence of many people. That is why it is always safer to stay under good lighting zones.

The swimming pool area, gym, and parks are always lit up well. You can also find other spots that are well-lit in your apartment. We promise; they will provide exceptional convenience to you.

6. Do Not Store Anything On Your Balcony

If your balcony gives people easy access to your belongings, it can be highly unsafe for you and your valuables. As such, we do not recommend you to use the balcony for any storage purpose.

But, if you still feel like storing anything there because you do not have enough space inside your apartment, feel free to speak to your apartment owner and get a net blinder built around the open areas. We promise; you will be safe after that.

7. Keep An Eye On Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are easy to access, easy to break through, and not protective enough. That is why we advise renters to be cautious of these doors and watch out for them.

If you find them in your apartment, speak to your apartment owner and get them replaced if possible. It helps you feel safer and more protected at all times and promises you the utmost privacy as per your likes. Do not forget about it.

8. Have Safety Tools At Hand

If you are scared enough and want to ensure the utmost safety, ensure you have safety tools at hand. Keep a spare phone ready in the corner of your home where no one knows. So, in case you can’t find your phone or are unable to reach out to it due to someone’s presence, you can use that phone to call the police or security.

Apart from this, if there are any harassment issues, do not forget to contact your apartment owner and the police. You may also want to keep the pepper spray handy to protect yourself.

Bottom Line

These are some of the best renter tips when living in an apartment to follow. We promise; these will keep you safe, secure, and comfortable like never before. So, do not keep waiting. Make sure you start following these tips from today to protect yourself.

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