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How to Choose the Best Internet Plan for Efficient Business Operations

The modern-day business cannot function without the internet. And, that’s an accepted fact. All your company operations ranging from purchases, sales, tracking inventory, taxation, managing employees and salaries, maintaining accounts, and hiring to just about every other task needs internet access. That’s why you should take the time to research cable and internet providers extensively first. For example, checking out this Viasat VS Hughesnet Review could help you to compile a shortlist of internet service providers that could meet your specific needs.

As a smart business owner, you need an internet service that will not only allow you to perform all these tasks seamlessly, but you also need a service that is economical depending on the scale of your operations. Read ahead for an understanding of how to choose the best internet plan for your company. For example, if you are looking for a fixed point wireless internet service in Phoenix, you may want to check out sites such as financegab.com to see how they can help you achieve that, however, if you are in another state, you will want to research how you can achieve this in your area. Comparing your options is crucial. Hopefully you’ll even be able to find a company like Eatel Business Phone Solutions which offers internet and phone solutions in one.

Assess Your Requirements

Before looking around for the right internet service provider (ISP), you may want to assess the connectivity your team needs. Take into consideration factors like:

Size of the Team

If you have a small staff with around 10 to 20 users, you can opt for a provider or plan that offers a lower amount of GB and bandwidth. However, if you have a medium-sized or larger team of say, more than 50 employees, you’ll need a more efficient service with larger amount of data.

Scale of Operations

The kind of usage you need can also dictate the particular ISP, speed, and amount of data. For instance, if your employees use the internet to check emails, respond to customer queries, and process purchases and sales, you might be able to get by with less data. However, if you and your employees regularly conduct surveys, market research, and run digital marketing campaigns on social media sites, you’ll definitely need a high-grade plan that makes this usage possible.

Many companies have large-scale operations where video conferencing with global partners and clients, high-definition video streaming, and downloading and uploading large files is a regular part of conducting business. If this is your company requirement, choose an internet package that allows you unlimited data usage each month. You’ll also need a service with high-speed internet or higher Megabytes per second (Mbps).

Check the Internet Providers Offering Services in Your Area

Once you have a fair idea of the amount of data and internet speed your company will need, it’s time to look for the available providers in your area. You could look into leased lines by M247, which provide a fast internet connection for businesses. If you are operating out of a metropolitan city, you could choose from options like a satellite company, cable provider, wired or wireless phone company, or even, a fibre optic internet provider. However, if you’re based in a rural area, you may have to make do with whatever services are available like for instance, a satellite broadband provider. If you’re unsure on where to look for these broadband providers, look no further than Midshire. They have plenty of Business Broadband packages for those of you that have businesses based in rural areas, and for those who just prefer broadband to other options. If you intend to opt for a wireless service, make sure they have good network coverage in your area.

Assess the Cost of the Available Packages

The cost of the internet service is often the deciding factor that can determine your choice. Compare the plans and deals offered by the different companies before choosing the right company that provides good speeds, economical packages, and most important, dependability. You can use CompareMyRates to compare the best internet plans in your area. Most companies will not give you all three facilities and you may have to arrive at a balance. Here are some factors to keep in mind;

  • Cable internet providers offer the fastest and most dependable speeds, but are also more expensive as compared to other options.
  • If you’re looking for a cheaper internet service, you could opt for the phone company that uses digital subscriber lines or DSL to bring you internet. However, these services are notorious for being slower.
  • Satellite internet is most easily available, but you may have to deal with slow speeds with high costs.
  • Although fibre optic cable internet is the fastest and more reliable, it is not yet widely available. That being said, if it has been made available in your area, you could definitely consider comparing a few fibre internet packages for businesses.

Check for Upload and Download Speeds

Before finalizing your choice, check for the uploading and downloading speeds the provider offers. Make sure to match them with your company requirements. That’s because, typically, download speeds are much higher as compared to upload speeds. The best way to make sure is to use the online free-to-use Speedtestdotnet software.

The website informs you that for the Q2 to Q3 of 2017, TELUS scored the highest speeds of 42.16 on the most advanced of devices. This speed level is just above the next best, Bell Mobility. Other companies like Videotron, Fido Solutions, and Rogers Wireless scored the third, fourth, and fifth places respectively. The straggler of the group is Freedom Mobile.

Check for Customer Services and Quick Maintenance

At the time of choosing a good internet service provider, your prime concern should be customer care and the speed with which the company handles maintenance issues. The best place to find out is to read up customer reviews online. You can also check authoritative websites that give you detailed information if the internet provider is quick to address your concerns and queries.

Check for the Packages Available

In an attempt to capture your business, ISPs are likely to offer you several kinds of packages and promotional deals. For instance, you may get a great deal that combines phone and internet services along with a few television lines. Check through all the offers and pick out the one that works best for your business. So, if your employees regularly make calls to customers, this deal may be the best for you.

Ask the ISP representatives for any introductory offers they have for you. Like, say, discounted prices for the service for the initial 12 months. However, make sure to inquire about the charges at the end of this period. If they are too high, you may want to cancel the subscription at the end of the one year time frame. Go ahead and do some amount of negotiating. Your efforts might just win you a sweeter deal.

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The Takeaway

At the time of choosing the best ISP for your business, keep in mind factors like the kind of usage you have in mind, the upload and download speeds you absolutely need, and the size of the team that will be accessing the service. Also, keep in mind the cost, your location, and other essentials your company needs. Create an optimum balance and your company will be assured of a robust, dependable service that allows you to conduct everyday operations seamlessly.

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