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Fundamental and Combination Scan Using StockEdge Application

Which one is the best Stock to invest? What is the best technical strategy to earn consistent profit? Which stock is in phase of reversal and what is the best time to enter in that stock?

If you are a trader or investor and have been a participant of the market for at least one year then you might have come across these questions plenty of times, isn’t it? We know we always seek here and there for the best strategies or stocks to make money in the stock market.

But have you ever thought that a strategy which works for someone else may not necessarily work with your investment or trading approach. That is why it is always important to have your own strategy because only you can understand your trading or investment style.

Now you might think yes I have a few ideas but how can I implement them to find the stocks. Here is your answer in one simple word – StockEdge. Stock Edge will let you implement your trading or investment ideas and based on that you will receive a list of stocks which full fill your pre-defined criteria.

In this article, we will discuss how this application will help you and guide to identify potential investment and trading opportunities with help of fundamental and combination scans.

What are Fundamental Scans?

Fundamental scan is a segment in the Stock Edge application which helps you to choose stock based on the company’s fundamentals.

We know, there are plenty of different factors in the Fundamental analysis, for instance – Sales growth, growth in EBITDA, low PE, High PE, share holding pattern and the list goes on.

So, what we have done in Stock Edge is that we have grouped them based on their area of application for example –the profitability scans section contains

  • High ROE
  • Improved ROE
  • High return on Capital employed
  • Improved return on capital employed
  • Quarterly net profit growth YoY
  • Quarterly EBITDA Growth YoY
  • Turnaround story YoY

Just like this above mentioned group we have 7 other different groups like that only for fundamental scanning.

So let’s make a scan based on fundamental factors.

Suppose you want to filter stocks with-

a>High Return on Equity

b> High increase in Quarterly Sales YoY

c> Increasing cash from operations

fundamental Scans

Based on this search, at the end of the trading day this is the list of stocks we get. (We do not recommend buying or selling)

What is Combination Scan?

In StockEdge, we can combine all types of scans like fundamental, technical, options, candlesticks, price, volume and delivery scans, and create a scan which is the combination of these different scans. With the help of this scan we can create our own strategy, filter out the stocks which fulfil our pre-defined criteria and take a decision accordingly.

Below we can see the scans available in StockEdge: –

Here we can see the list of scans available in StockEdge. We can combine the above scans accordingly to create our own strategy and after combining we can filter out the stocks.

For example, we will create a strategy which will be the combination of Fundamental and Technical analysis.

To do this first we need to select our criteria from fundamental and also from technical segment.

Below picture represents the selected criteria from Fundamental and Technical segment (marked in rectangle).

As you can see we have added three technical criteria within the fundamental scans which we created earlier.

Now based on this pre-defined criterion the StockEdge application will find out stocks. Let’s explore the result.

As we can see, according to the search we have not got any perfectly matched stock. But we have found some stocks which are near the perfect. We call it ‘Almost there’.

If any stock comes under perfect match, it means that the stock has successfully fulfilled every criterion that we defined in the scan but in case if it comes under the segment of ‘Almost there’ section, it means it has not fulfilled each and every criterion that we defined in our scan. It is important to know that the we should also check and track the stocks which have come under the ‘Almost there’ segment.


Just like the combination scan, Stock Edge also carries other interesting features like – chart on the go, news feed, my investor groups etc.

Alongside this feature we also run a club called the ‘Stock Edge Club’. This is India’s first virtual club created for stock market enthusiasts. Just like any other club, this club also gives its members certain facilities. It is a paid feature and only the paid members can avail this feature.

Some of the interesting features of the club include-

  1. Access to all paid features of StockEdge for 1 year
  2. Access to 12 paid webinars from Elearnmarkets and StockEdge
  3. Part of the ever growing StockEdge club virtual community
    1. Member of StockEdge Club learning WhatsApp Group
    2. Participate in city wise annual training & networking meet up

So do download the application for experiencing this amazing feature provided first time in India.

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