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Beyond The Pain: How Personal Injury Can Disrupt Your Finances

The growing number of car crashes, work mishaps, medical negligence cases, and public space accidents is a cause of concern. Thousands of Americans claim personal injury compensation every year.

But many miss out on the rightful value because they fail to calculate the losses sustained. Expert attorneys recommend digging deeper to understand the impact of such accidents on your health, life, and finances.

As a victim, you must think beyond the pain and suffering and consider the financial implications of the accident.

Even better, hire an expert lawyer to get you the compensation you deserve, as money is the only thing to get your life on track again.

Let us explain how a personal injury can disrupt your finances.

1. Loss of income

Serious injury can affect your capacity to work temporarily or even permanently. Burns and fractures are hard to deal with, while neck and spine injuries can leave you incapacitated for a lifetime. These situations cause a loss of income as you have to take time off work or even lose your job for good. Even if you get sick pay, it is only a fraction of your lost wages. It is challenging to sustain your family on a low budget, even more, if you are the sole breadwinner.

2. Debt burden

Losing your income means it can get hard to make ends meet. You may get into a massive debt burden if you have a mortgage and loans to clear. A personal injury can lead to missed payments and additional strain on your finances. You may even have to borrow more only to stay afloat. It is daunting to imagine the growing pressure caused by debt and interest burdens.

3. Treatment and rehab costs

The cost of treatment and rehabilitation is the most evident financial implication of a personal injury. You may have to undergo several tests, treatment procedures, and even surgery. Likewise, medication, special care, and rehab bills can burn a hole in your wallet. Thankfully, you can cover them by getting adequate compensation for your injury. The norms may differ state-wise, so let an expert handle the case. Atlanta residents should collaborate with an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney to ensure optimal compensation. Never negotiate the claim alone because you are most likely to end up with a lowball offer.

4. Material damages

Another financial aspect you cannot ignore is material damage to your property in the mishap. Road accident victims may sustain massive losses in the form of vehicle damage. Your personal items such as clothes, jewelry, and devices like phones and tablets may also bear the brunt of the mishap. You can add their value to the compensation claim to make up for the losses.

5. Travel expenses

Repeat hospital and rehab center visits for tests, treatment, and follow-up appointments mean you have to travel a lot. You cannot expect to travel for medical appointments by foot after the injury. Consider the fuel or transport expenses because they can easily add up over time. The good thing is that you can claim for these expenses as well. Remember to collect and maintain records of all travel receipts.

The financial impact of personal injury is immense, but the law entitles you to claim all the expenses and losses. However, you must have a seasoned attorney calculating the claim and pursuing it to ensure you get the rightful amount.

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