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Words and Phrases You Should Know in a Casino and Five Tips to Beat

Here we tell you the most important words you have to master before playing. Also defining a budget and establishing a consecutive loss limit are important points to consider to enjoy betting even more. Check here for more info.

Best Tips to Win Online Casino Game

Here are the best tips to win the online casino game.

1. Getty                                              

Arriving at a casino for the first time is quite an experience: the lights, the voices, and the sound of the chips cause us great emotion; however, they also make us nervous because all casinos use terms that frequent customers know but newbies do not.

2. Buy-in                                            

When you sit down at a table to play, you need to exchange cash for chips for each hand. That money with which you “buy” chips is called buy-in, a term that is also used at poker tables, in which case it refers to the initial bet.

 3. Bet or Betting Limit                                     

It is the betting limit that each table or machine has and refers to the maximum or minimum for each hand. For example, when you sit at the Blackjack tables, you will see a sign that says “Betting limit” and the amount that it says there is the minimum that you must bet on each hand.

4. Chips                                              

It refers to the chips you play at the tables, which are of different denominations. Each casino handles a different design that usually includes the place’s name. For easy handling, they also have a different color depending on their value.

5. Croupier or Dealer                                   

In reality, croupier and dealer are the same things, only the first one is in French and the second one is in English. Both terms refer to the person who deals with the cards at the tables or is in charge of the roulette or craps, depending on the table you are playing at. It is customary that, after a certain time, the tables change the dealer so that you do not feel that you are falling into a losing streak because of him.

6. Face Cards                                          

This expression does not refer to the face you make when you play, but to the cards that have a face or figure on them (not numbers), which is why they are also called “figure cards” and are the J, Q, and K of The deck.

7. Double or Nothing                                       

It is a type of bet in which if you are right, you get double what you were playing, but if you do not, you are left with nothing.

Five Tips For Managing Your Gambling Money Wisely              

Although gambling should be fun, it never hurts to consider what you can win and lose while doing it. That is why here we leave you some tips on what you should take into account to manage your money when you bet correctly. Your pocket and you will thank us!

1. Define a Budget for Bets

The number 1 rule in the betting world is NEVER to bet more money than you have. But we also advise you not to bet money that you do have, but that is destined for your fixed expenses. To avoid bad experiences and problems with people close to you, we recommend that you allocate only a percentage of your salary to bets that do not affect your lifestyle and that you always stick to it.

2. Divide Your Budget

Now that you are very clear about your betting budget, you must define how much of it you will use for casino bets and how much for sports bets. For example, if you plan to bet $1,000 a fortnight, you can use $600 for sports betting, and of that money, use $400 for soccer and $200 for eSports. You can use the remaining $400 to bet on games of chance and divide it between card games, slot machines, and even raffles.

3. Set a Loss Limit

If you lose all your betting money, you would no longer have to continue betting until you receive your salary again. Still, at this point, we are referring to consecutive losses. For example, if you hit a losing streak, you will not play and lose again and again until you lose the $1,000 of your budget. Ideally, you should limit yourself to, say, $400 of lost money on consecutive bets so that you can take a break and bet again later with the remaining $600.

4. Your Earnings Are Not Part of Your Budget

Some punters add the winnings from their bets to their budget to continue betting. However, you should separate that money so that in the end you can enjoy it alone or with your loved ones. So if you have $1,000 in your bankroll, bet $200 and win $400, that doesn’t mean you now have $1,200 to keep betting. Our advice is to continue playing with the $800 in your budget and spend that $400 on something else that you also really enjoy.

5. Always Keep Track 

The idea is that you keep your record in a notebook or even in an Excel table to add the bets you make on other sites and/or with other people. You can also include your accumulated earnings and what you spend them on so that later you don’t forget where the money went.

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