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Winning $1 Million with Triple Card Poker: Financial Myth or Reality

Triple card poker is an exciting and original game, but, unfortunately, this type of poker is not available in every online casino or brick-and-mortar gambling establishment.

In many ways, the gambling game of triple card poker is identical to Caribbean Poker.

Triple card poker is more in demand in land-based casinos, as the gameplay involves playing against the dealer.

Also, the game rules do not prohibit communication and the exchange of information between poker players.

Poker has evolved rapidly thanks to advancements in technology. Nowadays enthusiasts can take advantage of many variations of this game and even have the chance to play against bots that can defeat humans.

Triple card poker uses the classic 52-card deck, in which the Ace is the strongest card. All players build their winning combinations using only three cards. The game process can continue according to two scenarios, implying different opportunities for winning, as well as the degree of risk of losing everything.

Winning $1 Million – Incredible Story of US Player

Everything happened in 2018. In August, a New Jersey resident was reported to have won a record win at the state’s online casinos, making a $2 bet on an online slot machine that won $1 million. The probability of winning was 1 in 20 million. The American won a million dollars in triple card poker. The game took place at the casino of the Borgata Hotel (Atlantic City, NJ).

The man bet $5 and chose the “six card bonus” bet option. He could get a million only if the cards he had and the dealer’s cards made a royal flush (a sequence of high cards of the same suit), and his combination would be higher. The probability of such a development of events was 1 in 20 million.

Nevertheless, in the end, the player ended up with an ace, queen, and ten diamonds, and the dealer – a king, jack, and nine of the same suit. According to casino representatives, the “six card bonus” bet had never been won at Borgata before. The only thing known about the owner of a million is that he is a “local resident”.

It was also announced that a local resident initially tried to play a triple card poker game free, in order to test different strategies and gain confidence. As he was lucky enough, he moved to original poker, involved an amount of real money as well, and made a massive fortune, that seems something extraordinary even now.

We can also remember the fantastic story of a man who played poker for a living once a month and won $2.6 million with just 10 GBP. Such things always attract players’ attention.

Three-Card Poker: Rules for Building Combinations

Since the rules of the game in Three-card poker provide for the use of only three cards to form winning combinations, they are different from those that take place in five-card poker.

Their order of strength in descending order is as follows: Straight Flush is a combination built of three cards of the same suit, the value of which increases in order.

Three-of-a-kind is a strong combination in three-card poker, consisting of three identical cards, but of different suits. In particular, three Ladies.

Straight is the third strongest combination, which includes three offsuit cards, the face value of which increases in order. For example, Queen of Spades, King of Diamonds, and Ace of Hearts.

Flush is a 3-card poker hand that is made up of three suited cards but of different denominations. For example, two, ten, and queen hearts.

Pair is a winning combination of two cards of equal value and any other. In particular, two Sixes and Two.

A high card is difficult to call a full-fledged combination since the winner is determined by the strongest of the three cards, but it still exists in this poker discipline.

Can You Trust Any Strategy?

In general, when we talk about any kind of game of chance there is no strategy that can guarantee winnings all the time. Strategies are designed to help players maximize their winnings and sometimes they can be profitable. We should also point out that these strategies are different for every variation of poker.

In Hold’em you might have winning strategies and triple card poker could have the other ones. A resident that managed to make a decent amount of money playing in the online casino was actually very lucky, which does not happen frequently. 

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