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What Jobs can I get after Completion of the VFX-Communication-Design Course?

The movies like Avenger series, Matrix, Avataar, Starwars, Jamesbond, Tintin, Jungle Book, etc. leave you spellbound and wanting for more.

Similarly, the games like PUBG, etc., eye-catching product animations on e-commerce platforms besides website and mobile app animations leave you awestruck. Even educational online platforms like Byjus communicate a concept to students using videos that show various elements interacting with each other.

But one often wonders how such impactful imagery is created?

What goes on behind the entire process?

How these characters are performing death-defying stunts or are interacting with aliens when we are yet to discover them in real life. Visual Effects VFX has made all this possible

What is the Definition of Visual Effect (VFX)?

Acronym VFX refers to “Visual Effects” and is often shortened to “Visual FX”. VFX is the amalgamation of live-action footage with computer-generated graphics (CGI) to create an exaggerated yet realistic environment, action, situations, elements, characters, etc. that would otherwise be impossible to create in real life.         

Skills Required

  • Creatively inclined with an eye for details
  • Artistic ability to think innovatively
  • Communication and interpersonal skills to not only manage your team but also collaborate with clients and other stakeholders
  • Organizational skills to manage projects for on-time delivery
  • Passion to stay relevant with knowledge about updated techniques.
  • Understanding of technology and various software-2D, 3D animation software, etc.
  • The problem-solving approach to sort out issues and make requisite improvements
  • A keen observer of emotions, movements, etc.
  • Photographic skills with an understanding of composition, lighting, framing, depth of field, shutter speed, etc.

Some Job Opportunities on Completion of VFX-communication-design course

  1. Animator

Animators work in 2D, 3D model-making, stop-frame, or computer-generated animation. These animations are used in films, tv shows, games, digital mediums, etc.

2. VFX Producers

They not only manage the whole process of creating varied VFX for films or TV shows but also the budgets required to do this VFX.

3. Concept Artists

Concept artist applies their creativity and imagination to sketch characters, creatures, worlds, moods, etc. that don’t yet exist. His services are sought after for any project that involves a visual story.

4. Game Designer

He ideates and develops the designs, levels, and mechanics of the games. He ensures that the games can be updated easily, and new levels can be incorporated into them.

5. Web Designers

Using both technical and non-technical skills, Web Designers plan, create and code web pages to build websites as per the client’s brief. They not only determine the look but also how it operates and are also responsible for its maintenance and updating.

VFX Course in Mumbai

With such huge potential, it’s no wonder that lots of colleges are offering “Animation and VFX Communication Design course “in Mumbai. While choosing the ideal college, students must ensure that the certification is recognized at both domestic as well as international level. The college must offer competencies in the use of the latest tools and software. The college must ensure exposure and experience through internships, freelancing jobs, participation in competitions and live projects along with interaction with industry experts.

Why Mumbai?

  • The hub of the film industry in India, Mumbai, has a large number of VFX studios that offer their services to not only the domestic but also the international market.
  • Being the financial capital of India, Mumbai is home to big MNCs, advertising agencies, and film studios. This offers immense opportunities in terms of the creations of advertisements, gaming characterizations, and web & product animations, etc. 
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