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What Do Family Law Solicitors Do

Family relationships are often complicated. Differences in opinions and arguments can lead to emotional confrontations, affecting the family in many ways. You might find yourself facing your partner in court to decide which one gets custody of your children, or you might be facing off with your siblings regarding matters of inheritance.

Whatever the issue may be, a family solicitor is indispensable because they deal with such sensitive matters.

Family law is primarily concerned with matrimonial and divorce arrangements, children’s work, and domestic violence matters. Family solicitors can assist you in several ways depending on your case, whether it’s about preparing a will, negotiating a settlement, protecting your interests, or representing you in court.

Once you find one that you can trust to handle your issues, here are six things that a family solicitor can help you with.

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1. Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are contracts signed by a couple before a proper marriage or civil union, which aim to lay down the groundwork for the provisions in the event of a separation or divorce. A family solicitor can advise both parties and assist in drafting the agreement. However, you can get two different solicitors to represent your best interest and make sure neither of you gets the short end of the stick by signing an agreement that may harm you in the future.

2. Divorce Proceedings

Aside from being an emotionally charged issue, the legal complexities involved can make divorce proceedings challenging to handle alone. Having a family solicitor by your side to help you file the paperwork and navigate the process is in your best interest. They will also help you go through several options, whether you and your former partner are settling your divorce and legal custody of your children in or out of court.

3. Family Mediation

If you’re having difficulties with your marriage but are unwilling to consider divorce just yet, family mediation can be a useful option. A trusted family solicitor can arrange and preside over the proceedings to give them a more formal setting and encourage an open attitude for compromise. They will also deal with most issues that have the potential to end up in court, such as pre-nuptial agreements, shared assets, and inheritance rights.

4. Child Custody

A marriage or a relationship’s breakdown will have the most distressing impact on the children involved. Family solicitors have to take them into account and work towards an outcome that ensures their best interests. Whether you’re fighting for sole or shared custody, your family solicitor will talk you through your options and come up with an agreement that both parents will need to live with. They will also advise you on how to conduct yourself throughout the process because any action can be used against you.

Even after the case, changing circumstances can make the contact arrangements in place increasingly complicated. Your ex-partner might not be abiding by the current custody agreements, or there are signs of child abuse and neglect. You’ll need your family solicitor close so you’re assured what steps to take when addressing these changes.

5. Wills, Estates, and Trusts

Family solicitors understand the importance of the legacy you leave behind and are thus equipped to help you draft an estate plan. They will help you navigate the legal procedures and minimize the court’s involvement and the corresponding tax consequences. All of this will ensure that your loved ones will be secure instead of burdened once you pass. Family needs such as care for a disabled relative, a pending divorce, or a second marriage’s needs will be taken into account.

Aside from personal assets, you will also need the help of a family solicitor to develop a plan for your existing business, whether you want to pass it on to a relative or sell it through partnership reorganizations or cross-purchase agreements.

6. Domestic Violence

Suppose you’ve been affected by domestic violence and abuse and have received threats from a partner or another family member. In that case, a family solicitor can get you out of the situation and give you immediate protection. An injunction proceeding can be issued immediately, giving you protection from the court, and a family solicitor will enlist the help of the police to conduct investigations.

Several factors that describe your relationship with your abuser may affect your case. Family solicitors know how to go through each situation, especially if you’re financially dependent on the other party. They will advise on what action to take by talking you through your available options, such as divorce, getting a restraining order, preserving your assets, and contact arrangements between the children and the other party.

7. Personal Injury Claim

Many cases arise where you get injured. In such cases, a solicitor will help you get your claims, such as medical negligence claims, accident at work claims, serious injury compensation claims, public liability compensation, etc.

PR Scully Solicitor is the best personal injury solicitor, which helps you get compensation and claims in various situations of personal injury and housing disrepair.

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The importance of family law attorneys cannot be emphasized enough. They specialize in a wide range of disputes concerned with family relations and are the rationalizing presence in an otherwise emotionally charged issue. Whether they’re negotiating on your behalf in court or private settlement sessions, a family solicitor will have your best interests at heart and resolve the matter with a rational approach.

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