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Some of the Biggest Life Changing Wins in Gambling History

Everyone who wins a big jackpot is certainly lucky, but some jackpot winnings are life-changing, not just lucky. Depending on the jackpot size, the circumstances, and the person, the jackpot winnings can drastically change their life – for the better or the worse.

Below are a few of the biggest, and most memorable wins in gambling history which have certainly changed the lives of their winners.

1. Gloria McKenzie

In 2013, Gloria McKenzie won the astounding Powerball lottery jackpot in the United States and pocketed $590m. After-tax, McKenzie took home closer to $290m which is obviously still an astounding sum. She won when she was 89 years old and a grandmother living in Florida, and she split the winnings with her son because he had bought the ticket for her.

After winning the massive sum, McKenzie began living in luxury and enjoying her new, glamorous life. However, a few years later, McKenzie sued her son for $10m in damages after he hired an inexperienced financial adviser to manage her funds. One wonders if the family would have remained intact without the massive windfall.

2. Norwegian Peter

The online casino industry has certainly impacted the way that gamblers place bets and win big. Many of the gamblers who win big online choose to remain fully anonymous, to protect their privacy. An online casino player known only as Norwegian Peter was one of the first online gamblers to win big in 2010 when he took him €5m from a progressive jackpot.

Since then, there have been many subsequent winners who have taken home bigger jackpots from playing on online casinos, particularly through progressive jackpot games.

The online casino industry has grown substantially over the course of the last ten years, and it is now taking over consumer attention and market share from its brick-and-mortar counterparts.

Now that there are hundreds of different online casinos for gamblers to choose from, it is more difficult to stand out from the competition. Casinos such as Casino Yard are attracting the attention of gamblers through competitive registration bonuses, extensive libraries of games, and seasonal promotions.

3. Elmer Sherwin

The well-named Elmer Sherwin is certainly one of the luckiest slots players to ever pull the lever. Sherwin somehow won a progressive jackpot twice and not just any jackpot, but the Megabucks progressive jackpot, one of the highest jackpots available.

Sherwin won the first time in 1989 in the Mirage Casino in sunny Las Vegas. The second time he won it was sixteen years later, again in Las Vegas but this time at The Cannery.

The first time he took home $4.6m and the second time he took home $21m. This should be a lesson to anyone who has a lucky casino or casino site – sometimes you can get lucky at more than one casino!

These are just a handful of some of the biggest ever wins which have completely changed the lives of their winners. 

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